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  1. It's not just recent. It happens every election cycle. Remember when Obama decided all ammo production should go to the military? We have another election in 2024, and I'm sure it will be ugly. Start your ammo hoard NOW.
  2. I have been building a similar rifle with a 16" BA barrel, "midlength" system, using an A2 front sight block. All locations were perfect, until I started shopping for a handguard.
  3. Damn. I've been buying mil pull down brass just to get primers.
  4. Double check the parking brake! (and I hope he's wearing a Depends heat shield).
  5. Yes, 30mm from the A10 Warthog cannon. Another one I need! hmmm...maybe a shoehorn?
  6. Ok, still holding out for a 30-06. Way less problem to do that than an AR Tankbuster!
  7. Did not mean to hijack this thread, will start a new one in Member Builds, 'cuz I do have a few questions.
  8. Yeah, bought a Gearhead Tailhook for it, not sure I like it. Also looking at the Magpul MOE grip to reduce the grip angle to 17°.
  9. Frantically assembling as the wallet allows. Think this might push all the wrong buttons?
  10. How to explain the need for more guns?
  11. How do I start one of those GoFundMe things?
  12. Well, shooterrex's FSB looks identical to the one on Brownells site. Assuming that they just changed the FSB without changing the gas port location in the barrel means it should work. They probably deleted the bayo lug for Commiefornia. I could live with no bayo, but I do wish they hadn't removed the adjustable sight. Here's a pic of the box from 80percent arms I got today!
  13. Well, the handguard and front ring will pretty much dictate the position of the FSB, hopefully it will work in conjunction with the gas port.
  14. I'm set if the gas port lines up. If not, I'll increase my spare parts inventory!
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