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  1. Last night, I was to the point of texting "curses" to a robot.
  2. Nope, cheaper to buy it, pretty good brands available here. My present bottle is Hornitos Plata. I used Me & Mrs. T's, but my margaritas come out pretty pale. I'm sure it has something to do with the dilution ratio.😎
  3. First box in from Aero P. Sweet stuff. Still no lowers or barrels, ask FedEx why. BTW, if you ever click on FedEx's robot chat thingie, mix a pitcher of stiff margarita first. Drink at least half before you start.
  4. 2 more boxes from Midway today, unfortunately, reloading stuff for 6.5 CM. No gun parts. Got dies, bullets, brass, and 2 pounds of Superformance. The other box was 8 pounds of IMR 4064. Spent a few minutes getting the dies dialed in for seating depth and a mild crimp, went ahead and loaded up 50 rounds for a rifle I don't have yet.
  5. My bad. Was just going thru my notebook figuring out what was coming, from who, and when. I just realized the upper I received today is an AR Stoner A3. Still have an AP M5 coming from Midway, and another from AP.
  6. I have calculated 21.4 hours until the next delivery. So, I'm gonna go load some ammo.
  7. Ok. NOT one of my homebrews, I just happen to like Guiness. So, grasshopper is learning. Tried swapping various DPMS parts into the AP M5 upper. Charging handle is a little sticky in the M5. The dust cover will not close with the BCG forward, the little boss that holds the spring and detent hits the carrier. Can I grind that down a bit to fit? No worries, along with another upper from AP, I ordered a BCG (theirs), a charging handle, a barrel, gas block, gas tube, stock, buffer assembly, and a bunch of other stuff I don't 'member now. And yes, I got on Amazon and ordered a couple rolls of black vet wrap! Loaded a Vortex Diamondback scope on a Savage Model 10 in .308. Twiddling thumbs, drinking beer, and waiting for more boxes!
  8. Aero M5 standard on DPMS Gen 1 lower. Where the hell are my barrels?
  9. BTW, did you know Midway is selling AP M5 standard uppers cheaper than AP?
  10. Muahahahaa! UPS finally showed with the first boxes from Midway. Still waiting on 2 Aero Precision boxes, one 80%Arms box, one box from Graf's, 2 boxes from Amazon, and about 7 more from Midway. Not enough to start building yet, but a good start. I think the Pelican Vault will have enough room for another .308 scoped upper, with mags and tools. Will have to get another for the 6.5CM build.
  11. Tolerable. UPS still not here, might have to break out another one...
  12. I'm a DIY type of guy. One of the other things I do is brew my own beer. This is my house tripel... At about 10.5%, it makes waiting for the UPS truck almost tolerable...
  13. More like 4, minus a few odds and ends. Trying to find stuff in stock is a beatch! One day at a time. UPS is promising 4 packages today.
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