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  1. Hi. I can do few as stand alone. Even though listed as out of stock, just mention we met on 308 forum, and I'll send you one. Since its limited edition, it's not available for general public. Here's the link, https://moriartiarmaments.com/ar-10-.308/upper-parts/barrels-en-gb/24-.308-stainless-steel-bull-barrel-black-diamond-fluted-ar-10-24-black-stainless-steel-barrel-.308-fluted--1?page=6 Thank you!
  2. Moriarti just got limited quantity of 24" 308 Black Diamond barrels. Available here, https://moriartiarmaments.com/ar-10-.308/upper-assemblies-en-gb2/24-.308-stainless-steel-black-diamond-tactical-upper-assembly-ar-10-24-black-diamond-barrel-.308-upper-assembly?page=3 We get only few of them once every year. Once they are gone, they won't be available till next summer :)
  3. Then it's a most probable YES! Please keep me posted :)
  4. Hey guys. Just thought you might be interested - put few AR items on end of the month special, available at https://moriartiarmaments.com/daily-deals-en-gb 12" AR 308 free float @ $19.95 https://moriartiarmaments.com/daily-deals-en-gb/12-.308-thin-profile-free-floating-handguard-with-removable-rails-monolithic-top-rail-12-.308-thin-profile-free-floating-handguard And please don't forget, for all my military, veterans, LEO guys, I do special discount https://moriartiarmaments.com/military-and-law-enforcement Thank you and happy weekend!
  5. That's sounds really cool. When in the fall is the shoot? I just might :) PS - never been to AZ, always wanted to go!!! Thank you for thinking about us :)
  6. Thank you, Sirs :) For those who don't do FB and are interested in the giveaway, you can simply follow our blog and send me your email address, I'll add you manually, http://moriartiarmaments.blogspot.com/ Thank you! My email: info@moriartiarmaments.com
  7. Happy 4th, America!Today and tomorrow, take 4% off on anything at the store with the checkout code JULY4This is how we celebrate, 4th of July = 4% off https://moriartiarmaments.com/daily-deals
  8. Hey guys. Please sign up for our new giveaway https://moriartiarmaments.com/Monthly-Giveaway Also, just to let you know, Black Hole Weaponry 24" 308 and creedmoor barrels are in! Hope to see you soon. Juliya
  9. Happy Dad's Day, everyone! To help us celebrate, please use the code Dad17 at checkout to get $10 off your purchase of $100+. Offer is good till Monday. To make this weekend even more special, just got back in stock 24" 308 stainless diamond fluted barrels! And!!! Black Diamonds 24" are currently being made and will be available in about 3-4 weeks - all 20 of them, 16 are already spoken for! Please spread the word and thank you for all your support. Juliya
  10. Lol - it's common for me to get confused with one of the boys :))) Here, me on the bike, https://moriartiarmaments.com/about-us, nice to meet you all. So unless you are talking to Juliya (me), you are not reaching Moriarti :) Thank you all for your warm welcome!
  11. For my 308ar friends, please use the code Free2017 at checkout to get Free shipping. Good for June. Thank you Juliya
  12. I know it's May, but yes, have them in stock :)
  13. Thank you guys! I already reported the copy cat - have no idea why some would go to that extend :) At any rate, would love your feedback and yes, 9mm are my current fav (not counting 308s though) :)) Oh, and I've got 24" 6.5 creedmoors on specials now! Thank you, Juliya
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