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  1. Wow the wrath of 98Z5V, haven't felt that for almost a month. Thanks. Well anyway the Optic Planet deal for the condor was good enough for me to order one for myself this morning before I go to the range. Hope that didn't upset anybody. Should I draw a neck under the target dot and shoot for that?
  2. Phantom30

    Parts are arriving

    80% lowers are not guaranteed to mate with commercial uppers. Now or when you get it done, drop buy a store and try some uppers on to be sure before you commit to a brand or model. The takedown and pivot pin alignments need to be right and close the receiver properly. These things are not standardized. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.
  3. Maybe too late but voodoo, condor and midway make acceptable stuff. Right now Optics planet has a good condor for $82 shipped https://www.voodootactical.net/voodoo-tactical-15-7981-enhanced-molle-sniper-rifle-drag-bag.html Voodoo Tactical 15-7981 Enhanced MOLLE Sniper Rifle Drag Bag ($125 at cheaper than dirt) https://www.midwayusa.com/product/939171584/midwayusa-sniper-drag-bag-tactical-rifle-case MidwayUSA Sniper Drag Bag Tactical Rifle Case ($120) https://www.opticsplanet.com/condor-52in-sniper-drag-bag-soft-gun-cases.html?_iv_code=1SA-GC-SDB-111107-498 Condor 52in Sniper Drag Bag Soft Gun Cases Up to 37% Off w/ Free S&H ($82) My 24" barrel aero precision 6.5CM has a JP recoil eliminator, a luth-AR MBA-1 stock, a Millett LRS-1 scope and it just fits in the condor dual gun
  4. Phantom30


    OK here is the guy: dhunter@magpul.com and the case number: Magpul Case #85118 CRM:0008139
  5. JP enterprises Recoil Eliminator comes with both your fit and finish, ugly but effective.
  6. Phantom30


    I not a real fan of loose ammo. So I thought it would be nice if MAGPUL put stripper clip cuts in their LR/SR magazines. Response does not fit, will not work, can't happen. Thanks for your interest in national defense. Maybe if enough members would let them know it is not a bad idea they might take some positive action. Thanks.
  7. Phantom30

    Price is right

    B.King sorry for spelling and they have a new website https://bkingsfirearms.com/ slow but...
  8. Phantom30

    Price is right

    There is no shortage of opinions here but looking at their sale offerings the best deal is the "Oscar" in spite of the fact they list it as an AR-15 when its an AP M5. IMHO Yes N.King is a good Aero Precision distributor at fair prices with good service.
  9. Phantom30

    Blitzkrieg Tactical 80% Lower

    raw AL lower on sale for $65. Anybody know about them. Search return no hits so I am asking
  10. Phantom30


    Built a Warrhogg, last spring and factory takedown pin hole doesn't quite align with Aero Precision M5 or M5E1 upper receivers. You can file about a 1/32" off takedown pin to get it to fit but pressure is still there not a good match. One nice thing is JP Weld can fix tooling errors. Best thing to do is mate the upper to it before you machine it, saves time and effort. Of course you have to buy it to test it. I didn't fire it because I have had this type alignment issue before and that can result in following:
  11. Phantom30

    Cool AK youtube videos

    Why we wear safety glass, effective ones.
  12. Phantom30

    AR-10 R+2 Gas Tube

    Posted final stuff over on Dracomeister's thread. The AP BCG fixed the 6mm issue with new WOA gas tube, the KAC- DD and ADK found functional homes in the 6.5CMs so all is well thanks. So compatibility is where you find it.
  13. Phantom30

    New 20" barrel, now it short strokes

    Standardization and compatibility is continuing problem? I have a mutant 24” 6mm Creedmoor R+2 rifle. Original position of gas tube was like that in Dracomeister’s picture. First 14 rounds thru barrel became eventful. Initial three used ADK Defense BCG, seemed to function, switched to KAK BC with Davidson Defense NIB Bolt which was used to set barrel extension. Rifle failed to eject fired casing on last round of a group. Dropped it in receiver with bolt in hold back cleared by hand. During next group it did it again but unnoticed which resulted in casing jam pushing gas tube further forward as shown. After some zealous advice by members here I purchased a custom length proper gas tube from WOA, third picture. With new gas tube installed, ADK BCG would not fit in receiver enough to close. KAK-DD did fit but operated very tight. Both of these BCGs work in 6.5CM shown in fourth picture. So I purchased an Aero Precision BCG in hopes it would properly match receiver with new WOA precise located gas tube. This thread has a wealth of information exploring issues of a non-standard design. Seeing the side by side picture here I examined mine the same way. ADK gas key appears longer. Is it long enough to prevent receiver closing with new gas tube? So I thought I’d organize the data in this thread to see where my stuff stands. First I organized dimensions being collected and then built a matrix of data. Yes, ADK gas key is longer by 0.02, slot is deeper by about 0.05, and bolt closes smaller. So what does it mean? What is keeping ADK BCG from seating properly in order to close 6CM AP M5E1 receiver? AP BCG is fully functional in AP M5 6.5CM and now M5E1 6mm receivers. ADK is working in AP M5 6.5CM, and the KAK-DD in the M5E1 6.5mm. So all is well for now. Why do they work in this one versus that one I don’t know but if it is not broke don’t fix it.
  14. Phantom30

    AR-10 R+2 Gas Tube

    The ADK length and long gas tube are most likely this BCG will not fit with the new WOA gas tube Aero Precision BCG arrives tomorrow.
  15. Phantom30

    AR-10 R+2 Gas Tube

    This is the matrix I be populating if you all think it would be useful. Didn't have any time this weekend but did this morning>