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  1. Not sure if there is but I will look. Thanks
  2. So if someone is looking for a quality complete upper, is there a list of vetted makers y'all can point me to?
  3. No sir just the lower not including the upper
  4. I acquired an LR-308 lower made by Lone Star Armory. I went to them and they built it out for me. Now I'm looking for an Upper for it. I could have gotten an upper from Lone Star but I can't justify $1500 for it. I'm not competing and I'm not shooting at 1000 yards. I just want something that will handle shelf ammo and shoot anything I put through it. I'm not sure where to go or look for a good upper that will work. Delta Tactical has some and also PSA but they may be on the low end, as Lone Star may be on the high end. Looking for advise. I would prefer to stay at 16" if possible. Thank You
  5. I'm new to LR-308 platform. I just acquired a Lone Star Lower and had them build it out. Now I'm on the search for a complete upper. Looking for answers so I don't blow myself or the rifle up. Thanks in advance for any help.
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