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Suger Cane


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 I went to a Cane party the other day & it was quite interesting to watch them make cane syrup.


 Cane that has already had the juices extracted by the PTO extractor . 



 The PTO driven Extractor



Boiling or cooking off the impurities , using rags as filters . It boils over & filtered then runs back into the cast iron brewing kettle.



A Hydrometer was used to know when its ready to strain & bottle .



The final product . The cost of this on such a small scale is prohibitive , but they shared this with us . My wife works with the owners of the Farm & we contributed $ 5 per bottle & if you tried it , its worth it .


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I want to know how to make fuel out of Cane , I may do that one day m grow my own & not worry about fuel , if the world takes a dump . I would think I would have to distill it in some way , a Still ? Ya , I need one . <thumbsup>

The Brazilians make a lot of ethanol out of sugarcane. It happens to be probably the most efficient plant to make ethanol out of becuase of its high sugar content making for an efficient fermantation process. While you are at it, make some 151 rum! Seriously, a pretty straightforward distilling process would probably do it. Try googling Sugar cane ethanol production. Should find something.

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