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Any guitar guys here?


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Hey everyone,

Looking to get back into playing guitar, I saw some build kits for some electric guitars for under 200 bucks. Any thoughts on those? I'm sure they come with crap hardware but that can all be replaced with quality stuff right? Buddy also told me to get a squier affinity and just mod that, they go for about 100 used

I also like acoustic guitars more so then electric. Any reccomendations on some decent cheap guitars? I know cheap and decent don't really mix but it's worth a shot.

I just play for fun, learn some tunes I like nothing to major.

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You can also score a cheap Ibanez Gio. Pretty well made (usually Indonesia) for the money.


Then again you should be able to find smoking deals on craigslist.


I also found good deals at pawnshops. Scored a really nice peavey guitar for $65.

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They are fun. I use the D,G and B strings on mine. I have a slide I made from the neck of a wine bottle I made in high school. Made the neck from a scrap piece of maple I picked up from a cabinet shop and the cigar box was a gift from a friend. Aside from that I have a Tele I made. Solid ash body that weights almost as much as a Harley engine. LOL it has a set of custom pickups made by a guy in Texas. Also have a Strat I made with an ash body and Texas Special pickups I custom wired like a G&L S-500. I have the standard Strat pickup selection with the option of neck/bridge and all 3 at the same time. Along with my Les Paul with genuine '57 humbuckers I think I have all the bases covered. Oh, and I also have an older Taylor 414. I think it is a '96 year production.

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Just upgrade the strings with a new set.

Ernie Ball (bright colored paks) $9. To $17 or DiAddario a little more expensive but higher quality

Buy a Snark for tuning about $25.

Check the tubes in your amp. If you need any replacements get ahold of me , I have a tube collection second to none ... I will get you replacements.

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No. Not to the untrained ear. I seriously doubt you would notice any difference.

man I put that diffrent string on, sound sticks out like a sore thumb lol. I'm no professional but I can tell lol, good thing I have more strings on the way 4 sets this time lol
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