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Lawsuit against a FFL

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  Thing is , this ATF form , the" I'm not the original buyer "was checked , so they say . Even in my day , before the back ground checks , I'm not I would have sold the firearm to this person . I'm not even sure that question was on the ATF form back then .  That may make or break this case .

  I can't help but feel sorrow for the LEO's shot & what they have been through .



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I can imagine some hood gun store helping shady people be shady. I recently read about one up in VA that has a suspicious ratio of criminal guns being traced back to them. those places need to be burnt to the ground figuratively and literally. the problem is the precedent that the grabbers will seize and twist against the good guys.

once lost, those inches are all but impossible to get back. that's why 2nd amendment advocacy needs a zero compromise approach.

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They answered question 1 with a no? Transfer should have never happened then. Definitely a problem for the FFL.


It is alleged that the straw buyer and real purchaser entered together, the ineligible person picked the gun, and the straw buyer bought it.  Block #1 was reportedly checked no, but they are claiming the dealer conspired with the straw buyer to change the answer to "yes", i.e., claiming that the straw buyer was the real purchaser.


If it turns out that's correct, they oughta torch the place....and the shop owner.  This kind of crap is not only illegal and wrong, it hurts all of those magnificent legitimate gun dealers we all know and love and depend on to supply our neeeeeds.

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  I think it goes to show you , there are some really stupid people out there .  I can see someone check it by accident , but what criminal idiot checks it on purpose ! Then , if true , the idiot dealer or hired help , tried to talk him into changing it , knowing he was a straw buyer !  
  I think someone is BS'ing someone , the Perp's are trying to get something out of this or , there are people behind the scenes trying to put the hurt on a honest FFL . Hard to tell .

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