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LR308 Build Complete


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Well after a few months and a few hiccups my LR308 is finished. I ordered the wrong rings last week so that pushed it back. Got the right Seekins Rings today and I mounted the SWFA scope. Its built on an Ares Armor Billit 80% lower, matching DPMS upper, Faxon 18" barrel, Midwest Industries 15" SS Rail. Magpul UBR, ALG Defence ACT trigger, Fulton Armory LPK, Aklys Defence Mojo Magnum Brake/Flash Hider.


Any questions let me know.


Thanks for everyone Help, I learned a TON!





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Thanks guys. It was a total blast building it. Now gotta get her out for a test run! Just picked up a older RCBS Rockchucker reloading kit so I can start handloading soon. Got a hell of a deal. All I need is bullets, primers, and powder. Kit came with 100 rounds of 7.62 Browning Brass.

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I am starting to understand that lately. I had no plans to start reloading but I got the Older (1997) RCBS Rock Chucker Master Reloading Kit (not the Supreme Kit, This kit has more items in it) 100 rounds Browning 7.62 Brass, 100 New Primered .45 rounds, 100 once fired .45 brass for $150 bucks! So now I have been bitten. I will be visiting Montana week of July 4th. so I will be getting bullets and things from the manufacturers in my sons hometown (Stevensville) HSM is in same town so I can get components WAY cheaper than here in KommieFornia. I'm going to be building my reloading bench today!! Also I have a chance to buy 200-250 rounds of Military M118LR 7.62. So I wll eventually plenty of brass! Also I gave my wife a XD.40 for our anniversary so I can hand load those as well. All I need for this "Kit" are Dies. I'm looking at the Lee Die sets.  


As you can tell I'm already Infected with a new disease!

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I think my wife hates me most of the time anyway. Maybe this is the push she needs. Lol


I will definitely be doing a range report. So far this barrel is the nicest I've used in any build. You can just tell it's quality. I'm sure it's gonna shoot fantastic

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I think my wife hates me most of the time anyway. Maybe this is the push she needs. Lol


That's "signature-worthy," right there...  :happydrunks: <laughs> <lmao>

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