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6.8lbs GII


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So, in a recent RECOIL magazine that I picked up at the airport (I am personally not a fan of the magazine), they did a build on a DPMS GII Recon, where they did almost EXACTLY what I have done to mine, and after turning the barrel down the rifle weighed 6.8lbs!


I am in the process of looking for a local gun smith who will trade work for work right now. Hopefully someone willing to take a rifle sling or two and maybe some chainsaw work or something...


I haven't posted about my recon in a long time, because I haven't shot my recon in a long time. But I plan on changing that as much as I can shortly.


And I plan on continuing the mods, probably with an adjustable gas block, and probably followed by a rifle length extension and maybe an Ace stock.


And of course a bit of Cerakote eventually ;-)

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Beach screw that !

Wack off most of your barrel and go SBR get a Pig Snorting Flame thrower Brake and run that gun Honey Badger Style ! CQB at its best !

Flame Broil anything within 3 feet of you and deafen them too ! Plus you will have a 5 pound gun.

Problem Solved, Problem Stain solved.

Rangers Lead The Way ¡!

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So, in a recent RECOIL magazine that I picked up at the airport (I am personally not a fan of the magazine), 



Curious what issues you have with RECOIL? I've found their reviews to be thorough and unbiased. That said they seem to review a BUNCH of stuff I'll never be able to afford :-[

I always enjoy the centerfolds! :banana:

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I don't necessarily have... "issues" with the magazines.

It just seems that a lot of the time I don't so much get an in depth review as I get a long list of expensive items.

For instance, the gii had the cover of the magazine, and they talked about what they did with it, but went only into light details on how it performed.

I like all of the stuff in the magazine, but I find myself wanting more in depth articles is all.

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