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The Hollies! A long time ago.. If you have a portable air filter for the house, run it, otherwise think of getting one. I know you were out in the thick of it Mag, but our lungs aren't as young and clear as they used to be. Any little help helps.

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Physical Facts

  • Surface Area: 31,700 mi2(82,100 km2):
    The size of the state of Maine
  • Volume: Roughly 3-quadrillion gallons
    (2900 mi3 (12,100 km3)):
    Enough to cover North and South America in one foot of water
  • Average Depth: 483 ft (147 m):
    About the distance between Lake Superior and Duluth's hilltop
  • Maximum Depth: 1,332 ft (406 m):
    The same as one lap around a standard track
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Mags you got some really nice lakes out there in Idaho as well. I know a commercial guy who is working to net out the Lake Trout population in Pondierrey where they have become a pest. But Superior has its hooks in me in a big way. We have had our fire problems in the past as well. See pictures A big Superior Lake Trout and some pictures from a 60,000 acre fire two years ago. But it is home, doubt I ever leave now.




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