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When is it DONE !

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  Got your attention ,  I have an old AR that I'm beginning to replace worn old parts & though I would share some this late seventies built AR 15 components that are showing their age after almost forty years of service .

 This Rifle is built mostly of Olympic Arms Components , some mil surplus , because they were not many building in those times , Olympic Arms was one of a few who had Receiver sets or Match Hand Guards , I have on this Rifle one of the first types that came out . The HG is the Barrel Nut , one piece all Aluminum & I even have an all Steel one , that is a bit heavy for use , but some day make a complete Upper out of .

 I'm changing out the Buffer system , new Buffer ( Rifle ) & its Spring , The Photo shows how the Buffer Spring on the left , has a slight bend , unlike the new one on the right . I see anything but a straight Spring , I replace it . These , as with all other Components are original from the build date , The FCG is G2S & I installed a Flat top TM Upper , to install a scope , she has had & only been shot with A2 sights from the beginning ,until I went with the FT of course .


 This photo shows is of the Buffer , notice its designed a little different & also notice the Discoloration of the Bumper at the end .





 The Rifle 


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On 8/2/2017 at 11:31 PM, bubbas4570 said:

And I may assume that it still retains very good accuracy....

  Yes it does , Stainless Steel , Ultra Match , HB  .


4 hours ago, bfoosh006 said:

Impressive !

Did you ever change any parts ?

And I assume you are reasonable when it comes to cleaning and lube !

Again .. impressive !!

  As far as needed parts , I think I replaced the Firing Pin many years ago . I installed a Flat top Receiver a few years ago , just to put a Scope on , to see how well she did shoot , Iron sights ( A2 ) work, but hard to tell what kind of precision can be attained with out a decent Scope ( at least for me ) . I installed a Geissele G2S for the same reason . other then that & what I just replaced are it .

  I'm taking a new Extractor , Spring , Pin & an Ejector ,Spring & pin, with me to the Range to see what is needed fix the short ejection issue that has cropped up . The replacing of the Buffer system may be all that is needed .

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  • 2 weeks later...

 Just an update on the Rifle after changing out to a new Buffer & Spring , all brass ejected at 3 o'clock & out about 3-4 ft. , much better then dropping hot out of the Chamber on my hand .

   So , that shows that the Extractor & Ejector are not the only things that can effect ejection .

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