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stress and practical..


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7 hours ago, sketch said:

and if i get fucked up with ducktape and tennis balls i will know what to do in a gunfight :box1:

Used to make the guys do "dead limb training."  Run through the course of fire many, many times.  Improve hits, improve times, beat your own shot-timer.  Who gives a shiit about the next guy's shot-timer - you beat your OWN timer, every time. Shoot that course of fire over and over, work on the little things.

The shocker was "improving until you can't improve anymore..." You reached your own "success rate" and now your times and hits are going down.  - Take a break.  Think about it.  Think about what was going on, what you did, etc. 

At that point, slight improvement would start to come back in a round of firing - and you hit 'em.  Dead Limb.  You're right handed, and you just got shot in the right shoulder - transition to the left hand with your pistol.  Oh, mag is empty, recharge your pistol, left hand only.  Pistol is in your left hand now, and your pistol mags are all on your left side - because you're right handed.  Do it - fix this. Reload, and CHARGE the pistol with that one left hand...  

Pistol was easy to grasp with those drills.  M4 sucked. Has to be done, though. 

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2 minutes ago, 98Z5V said:

Pistol was easy to grasp with those drills.  M4 sucked. Has to be done, though. 

thats the next level but im willing to learn! on level zero?.. i have some med training from work but its far fetched from stress.. and if wounded mind set is not as clear as duct tape.. but ill give it a shot.

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   When I was in the Navy , we had fake wounds, all types of them , that could be attached to the body & they included a hand pump to squirt fake blood , like an open Artery , depending on what type of wound . Like chest wound would be able to suck air in & these things that were attached even looked sorta real . If I had an arterial one strapped on , I would wait till one of the responders got their face close & hit that squeeze bulb as hard as I could to squirt them in the face .

  That is some realistic training there , nothing like the fog of war to confuse combatants . Be nice if we all had a range like that to do those types of things . I did have when I lived in Ohio & we used to do a bunch of live fire exercises , long time ago though .

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