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Bobro Bipod


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I used my trigger pull gauge to weigh these Bipods. The only Harris that wasnt securely mounted was a little 6-9" I have on my 10-22. So it's safe to say the full sixed Harris's would be a few onces more. I will weigh one eventually.


Harris 6"-9" 14.5oz's

Bobro  15oz's

GG&G Heavy Duty 19.8oz's

GG&G Standard 15.3oz's

The Harris bipods utilize more steel than the GG&G or Bobro. Also note that the Harris requires an additional part to mount on a picatinny. Picatinny mount is integrated in the Bobro and GG&G. I think the GG&G and Harris will end up being nearly identical in weight. Also the GG&G is the heavy duty and not their standard duty model.

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Also the GG&G is the heavy duty and not their standard duty model.

I was gonna mention that when the pics went up - that's the GG&G HD-XDS.  I'd like to see the Standard XDS beside the Bobro for comparison (Hmmm...    ;D  ).  According to GG&G, the HD-XDS weight is 17oz, and the Standard XDS is 11.5oz.

I like the GG&G bipods, and I've always liked the Bobro's, too, just never picked one up.  That's a good looking piece when you see the first-hand pics and comparo.  <thumbsup>

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Yeah the GG&G's are my standard. The Bobro has a very clever QD system. Hopefully when on vcation Ill get some quality detailed images.

Given the prices if the Bobro was readily available that would be my go to. Without that I the GG&G is the next best thing

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Have a Versa-pod on 24 in. Bull barrel AR...I like it ..feels solid but still has good range of motion,cant and tilt...quick detach is nice feature too.easy on/off multiple guns if you buy extra mounts....it does feel and look a little wobbly when folded up.if you were to run or maybe jump off something I think it would deploy itself ... Thought about putting heavier spring in it, see if that tightens it ... think it weighs little more than a lightweight Harris.....the GG&G I've got is a feather...none of the others even compare....getting what you pay for though..could buy 3 of the others for what it cost..my only criticism of it is that it's not as compact,tight to weapon, as the Harris bipods when folded up.

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