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New supersized sub round being introduced

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Dateline:  4/1/18

"Northwoods Ordinance Works has announced the introduction of the largest subsonic AR15 round to date.  The .50 caliber bullet is to be called the 50 Ma-Beo in honor of its major components.  A 750 grain, .50 caliber subsonic expanding bullet derived from what is currently used in the .50 caliber Browning machine gun, commonly called the Ma Deuce, seated in a 50 Beowulf case.   The huge round will have a muzzle velocity of approximately 1020 fps and an expansion threshold down to 700 fps.  It eclipses all previous subsonic loadings for the AR15 platform in size, weight, and performance downrange."

Company spokesmen have revealed that the new round will function in any AR15 with three simple modifications.

First:  The barrel must be changed to accomodate the larger round.

Second:  A 50 Beowulf bolt must be used.

Third:  A special non-magazine must be used due to the rounds length.  Each round must be single loaded and fired.  They will not fit in any standard AR15 magazine.

Some may see this as a detrimental factor in the new round gaining popularity but for those who want the biggest thumping bullet possible it is now available.

Preorders are now being accepted for this new devestating combination.


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