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Need some advice


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I just bought they PSA 10 year Anniversary Lowers, PA-10 and AR-15.  I am looking to put together a good upper kit for the PA-10 to use for my new hunting rifle here in Texas and this will be my first build for the PA-10.

Is this a good build kit: http://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-pa10-18-308-win-1-10-nitride-mid-length-rifle-kit-516445787.html

I do not like the A2 gas block stile so would want to change that out with a lower gas block and is that possible, I have read reviews on other sites it is not. (I know it voids the warranty which I have read on here).

Or should I wait for another kit that is more like this one: http://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-gen2-pa10-20-rifle-length-308-win-1-10-stainless-steel-15-m-lok-acs-l-rifle-kit-516446763.html

But an assembly kit when they come back out?


I am new to the forums but have been watching some of the post so kinda know a few new things from this forums.  This will be my first build kit and I am biting at the bit to complete it but don't want to set my self back either.


Thanks for any advice and thanks in advance.

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Shouldn't be too bad - if there are issues, we can help figure it all out.  Getting a pinned front sight gas block off isn't hard - if you take the guidance we give for getting it off. You'll have to hit those pins - and I really mean HIT THOSE PINS. But they come right out. Not a challenge.

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Another member tested the nitrite upper and a SS upper, the SS upper proved to be more accurate. With that being said both are not match grade or anything. Both would also be fine for hunting.  I Picked up the 10 year Anniversary Lowers too, i'm working on getting everything together for the PA10. I will be looking to that thread for any tricks or tips to make the gun run well. looks to be Very helpful. PA 10 info 

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  • 2 weeks later...

As already said... changing the GB is "easy" enough.

And I think... if you check... it no longer voids the warranty. ( This is new, and just changed ) and frankly the "voids" warranty never mattered to me, everything I did was my decision.


While not everyone agrees ( :thumbup: ) I strongly suggest an Adjustable gas block... read the linked thread from GoodByNAir, I hope it helps you out.

And just an FYI, PSA is constantly improving their product... so some of it might not apply anymore !

As for match quality accuracy, all the barrels I tried produced excellent results with factory ammo that specific barrel liked.... I don't have time to handload for all my projects, but am completely comfortable PSA barrels can hold their own compared to others...  (see my 6.5CM PSA upper thread , sub MOA out of the box with numerous factory Match loads, and even more after tinkering )

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Oops... and keep asking questions, we are all willing to help you get a "PSA affordable Working Mans .308 AR" shooting how you like.
I would check on the kit you want everyday... and buy the kit you want.
Mostly because of the lack of a Mil-Spec for .308 AR's... IE... not all .308 FF handguards fit all .308 AR's, the Pic. rail height between the upper and handguard might not be the same. ( It is a complicated issue... but don't let that stop you, PSA FF tubes are GTG, and are going to get even better. )

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And if you didn't want to wait for the kit to come back in stock.. or wanted to back order the LPK...

You could order a complete lower... all the parts are there, function properly together etc... ( Heck of a deal BTW, even got the new 2 Stage PSA trigger ! )



Or even less expensive....


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  • 2 weeks later...

bfoosh006 , I followed your link and this sort of jumped out at me, This warranty is transferable for the serviceable lifetime of the firearm or part. Modification of firearm will void this warranty.  It looks like a different gas block could cause problems with the warranty.  I have to wonder how the phrase "serviceable lifetime" is defined as well.


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I'd bet PSA would still take care of the customer... some of the bizarre warranty claims , that PSA honored , and I was told about, were down right laughable. Lowers chopped up for lightening cuts... with a Dremel, "your" PSA lower broke my iron vise...

I don't worry about modifying mine... I would think common sense changes would be a-ok.. ( Gas Block  as an example )

PSA would have to have some form of rule... because most all of us use common sense... but not everyone does.

Looking at some of the other Warranties out there... BCM, LaRue... they all have rules that help minimize the people trying to go way past common modifications.

So while the wording is more geared towards covering PSA parts and firearms... I still think Josiah would take care of problems attributable to PSA parts.

As for serviceable lifetime... well, I ask the same question about myself... Lol... in other words that would depend on the use of that product. Or if you "ride it hard and put it away wet" type stuff.

Again, I believe PSA will honor the intent of a Lifetime Warranty.... but have to have some written statement.

Much like adding a "chip" or such to your turbo charged diesel truck would void its warranty... manufacturers can't control / warranty that kind of stuff.


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  • 3 months later...

I have watched the conduct of PSA with customers on "another" AR forum ?

It appears if you are polite, patient, and correctly explain your situation, they tend to be very good to their customers. 
After the experience I personally went through with my own 10th anniversary set of stripped lowers, I would advise to be very careful and sure you are ordering the correct parts when building out the pa-10. I did fine on mine, but did have some issues with an incorrect buffer. That was taken care of by PSA, but if I had not had the advice of well known members of this forum, I would not have noticed the issue before it would have done damage to my lower.

I now have a great set of matching rifles, ar-15 and pa-10, and am very happy with how it turned out. PSA builds can turn into very nice guns, with excellent accuracy, without doubt.

That being said, PSA still has a few lessons they need to learn, especially surrounding the buffer system on the PA-10 guns. I have also seen rumblings recently with some gas tube length problems. It seems to me these are being issues due to the lack of any sort of industry standards on the ar-10 pattern rifles being produced. Combine that with a company moving at the pace of PSA and some things are bound to happen.

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