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20 MOA Mount for my gun

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Hey guys, sorry if the answer has already been posted but I couldn't find any threads in a search.  I have a little bit better scope on the way to me, it's 40mm and 1in tube...and I would like to have enough dope to get out to 800-900yds so I was thinking about this mount:


Has anyone tried it? Any pics on a LR308? Ring height suggestions to get the scope as close to my standard forearm?


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Alot goes into this, besides the 20MOA base.  Total adjustability of the scope is enhanced by a larger tube - and it's limited as such, by a smaller tube.  That 20MOA base might have you ringing steel at 900 with a 1" tube, and in turn you might not be able to even shoot anything at 200 and less, based on the adjustability of that 1" tube.  You can zero for any yardage that's within the adjustability of your scope, but that might render it useless at other ranges. 

Depends on the scope (total adjustability), the mounts (height over bore), the base (inclination), and the shooter's ability - and that combo has to work together for the overall "goal."  Hitting anything approaching 1k yards involves a decent amout of "serious poop," but several things needs to be working together already.

You might already know all that, and I'm not meaning to insult in anyway - I'm just tossing this out there for others that read it at a later date.  Please take no offense, 'cause I didn't mean any.  ;D

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This is a topic that I would be interested to learn more about. When I was first looking at receivers to use for a .308 AR build, I was seriously considering going with one of the Iron Ridge receiver sets, but decided against it in part because their upper receiver has a 23 MOA angle built into the top rail. I had(and still have) no experience shooting at really long range, and my local range is only 200 yds. My friends told me that the built in angle was for dedicated long range guns. I have since been told that, as long as the optic has the adjustment range, you can have a 20 MOE rail and zero for 200 and just dial up for the really long stuff. Is this true? Can anyone tell me what scopes that are suitable for 1K yds have enough adjustment to be also used at 200 ?

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Lol, no worries, no harm done. I appreciate the honesty. I was just looking to kill two birds with one stone since I have to get new rings, they would need to be lower if using additional mount. I don't know if I will ever get the chance to shoot at those yardages or if I even have the skill for it but figured it would be nice to have the capability. Good point, I need to see what my scopes total moa range is.

is the NF one piece mount really worth the $250?

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One thing to look at is what you're shooting, at what range, and determine total bullet drop.  Tie that data into the adjustability of your scope, and you'll at least have the answer of whether or not you have the hardware capability to engage at that desired range.

Example:  My 20" 5.56 gun.  77 grain Sierra Matchkings.  Here's what the data looks like for that up to 1,000 yards.  I start getting some serious bullet drop at 700 yards - even after 600 yards.  This thing will ring steel all day long at 600, and I need to get something setup past that.  With the 100-yard zero on the scope, I can't engage 900 just with adjustments in elevation - there's alot of drop in there.


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