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PA-10 Stock/Buffer Compatibility Question from People's Republic of CA

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I have a bit of a niche question, as I am doing a CA compliant build. 

I got a Gen II PA10 stripped lower and this LPK:


to which I will have to add:


My main question is, what kind of fixed stock will best work with the buffer tube that came with the LPK linked above? 

From what I gather, the Gen 3 PRS is "universal," but has anyone tried it with this specific buffer tube? To stay CA compliant I need a fixed stock, and would like one that doesn't require much modification to the fin that I need to put on the pistol grip. (I've looked into the Thordsen stocks, but since I will probably have to flee this state as an economic refugee someday anyway, I'd like to do the bare minimum as far as CA compliance so I can undo it if I move to a Free State). 

Any intel much appreciated.

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38 minutes ago, strelnikov said:


Looks like this would fit the bill, but reviews are mixed as to whether it works...


Just call them and ensure - without a doubt - that it's a 5.200" long rifle buffer.  Other than that, it should be good.

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Go over to Calguns and search for the multiple ways the left coasters have figured out how to pin an adjustable stock in place. Using a roll pin and drilling a blind hole thru the stock and push in the pin. A blind hole is one that doesn't go completely thru the part, it stops short. The thinking is that makes it harder to remove the pin and maybe the DOJ won't arrest you and confiscate the gun! LOL

If the search at Calguns won''t work, search something like 'pinning adjustable stock' on a search engine, not google, with Calguns as the site.


The rifle buffer you listed needs an A2 stock to complete it. Your carbine one won't work. Numrich Arms had a bunch of A2 stocks when I looked a couple of days ago.

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2 hours ago, Kenneth said:

The rifle buffer you listed needs an A2 stock to complete it. Your carbine one won't work. Numrich Arms had a bunch of A2 stocks when I looked a couple of days ago.

The PRS Gen 3 is a different animal. It works on any rifle or carbine receiver extension.  This kit contents he listed above will be fine, if they're all in spec.  That's very similar to the Armalite AR-10 Carbine recoil system, right there. It's fine, if it's in spec. If it's not, we can fix him.



Offering a nearly universal fit, it is optimized for rifle-length receiver extensions but will also mount to many mil-spec carbine and A5-length tubes*.

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OP, you can run the kit you listed in your first post, with the PRS Gen 3.  You don't need extra parts, or a rifle recoil system.  If you want a rifle recoil system, make sure you verify the 5.200" buffer length, though. A 5.900" long AR15 rifle buffer ain't gonna work on a .308AR. 

No matter which system you run, though - I'd buy a genuine Armalite EA1095 spring for it.  That's their AR-10 spring, and it works on both rifle and carbine recoil systems (not in DPMS-based recoil systems, though).

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I’m going to try save you some $$$ and headache...


the PRS is a $200 brick. It weighs way more than it needs to and costs 2x more than comparable stocks. The Gen3 stock will fit ANY “rifle” receiver extension (buffer tube)... I put “rifle” in quotes because there are “pistol” tubes that are much thicker than the more common “rifle” tube. I have lots of experience with this stock. I have to install 150 of them for a current order and I can’t wait for them to all be gone... Do yourself the favor and take a look at the AB Arms USS for a lighter/less-expensive alternative. It too will fit on an adjustable tube. I recently started using this fixed stock and I REALLY like it.

That grip fin is atrociously over priced. If you like the Kydex, there are MUCH cheaper alternatives on eBay and Amazon. Check out the options by Stike Industries also. Their simple grip is only $10-$15. MFT makes a nice option too!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Apologies for this delayed expression of gratitude; the end of the school-year is busy times, especially when you're a student and a teacher (not to mention the bureaucratic headache of CCW renewal--yes, they exist in the great state of CA, but the hoops are a deterrent for most). Anyway, now that it's summer, there is a bit more time for hobbies, and I will look into all of this excellent advice! Will report back in the coming months as the project develops. 

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