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This summers weed report


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This summer has been great for our weed... 100 degree days... Only a small drink of water once every now and then..... There were two little sprouts that came up in April... Take a gander at  the Jimson weed. Aka moon flower... Daamn if only my yard would grow like this.  Wash





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Sketch. The blooms only unfurl at night and dead by morning with new buds to bloom the next night... The smell is gardenia... Very strong.... They get no water to speak of.. And very little dirt... Its almost up to the roof now... Ive trimmed it back once.... Geeez it's a weed.. And poisonous psychedelic.. Nope that's not why my posts are crazy either ?Wash

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2 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

"blind as a bat, mad as a hatter, red as a beet, hot as a hare, dry as a bone, the bowel and bladder lose their tone, and the heart runs alone."

Daaaamn so that's me....hmmmmm ive been breaking the branches off by hand...they snap real easy....havnt used shears to cut that bad boy back...AND theres this milky puss running out of the branches  .AND this morning I woke up real early  AND there was this like six foot green pod laying next to my bed....no crap     Wash II

scary clowns smiley

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