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Need a scope for a new rifle

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Vortex Viper PST, the original.  That'll do it, for sure. There's the Gen 2 Viper PSTs out there now, a little over a grand, but the originals will come in just under a grand. The Gen 2 changes were all eye-pleasing, not huge functional changes.  You'll have to get your Google-Fu on to find them, but there are places that still have them, new.  Look at the camera stores, mainly (B&H Photo,etc).

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2 hours ago, NTXshooter said:

That's definitely on the list,  Also looking at the Nikon FX-1000 series.  I've always liked Nikon glass..  Though it is not FFP,  I like the Zeiss HD5 series also.

The Nikon Black FX series is FFP. The Black X series is SFP.  I have the Black X1000 6-24 in Mils, and it's a badass scope.  Since its SFP, I need to have it on 18x mag to range accurately, but it's still great, even though @Matt.Cross hates it...   :laffs: That's the scope I have on the 300 Win Mag.

You won't go wrong with the Black FX-1000 in 6-24x.  I can't vouch for it, personally, but I can vouch for the exact same scope in SFP, and it rocks.  :thumbup:

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Check out the Burris XTR II 4-20x50.  I just got one with a Horus 59 reticle for under $1200.   You can get it for under a grand with other reticles.  SniperCentral, CS Tactical and others gave it a pretty good nod, and it's got a really durability record so far according to them (meaning , they hardly see them returned for servicing, unlike Vortex and others). Great warranty, Japanese glass I think, etc, etc.

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6 hours ago, D.R.D. said:

Check out the Burris XTR II 4-20x50.  I just got one with a Horus 59 reticle for under $1200.

I love that reticle, and other "christmas tree" mil reticles that are like it.  They're fast for corrections, and accurate.  :thumbup:

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