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how did YOU break in your dpms??

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Hello again. I was wondering if not all the way breaking in my barrel would adhere accuracy any? When I got it I'm pretty sure i shot it a few times then cleaned it good. Then repeated about 2 to 3 times. But thoroughly cleaned every other time after shooting any considerable amount. Did I do any damage to my barrel or adhere accuracy any?  <dontknow>

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Well , if its a match barrel , it should have been final lapped & no break in should be needed .

Some will argue that all bbls. should go through a rigorous one shot clean ,procedure , I'm not one of them .

If you keep the bbl. clean & this is very important , it has to be a good bbl. to begin with , for it to be a good shooter.

DPMS bbls. are generally good shooting bbls., when you get past the tight & rough chambers on some of them .

Just keep it clean & if you do your part , along with all the other factors attributing to good accuracy (good trigger /ammo ), you won't have a problem .

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I did the recommended 1 shot and clean for 25 rnds on my LR6.5 and mini SASS....you can feel the bore smooth up the more you shoot by the amount of push it take to run a patch through...surprising how black patches are after one shot....figured it couldn't hurt following manufacturers recommendations

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I have read a lot of conflicting ideas about breaking in a new barrel.  The one I liked best was at least a year ago.  I think it was in a column in a gun magazine.  After discussing various shoot/clean/shoot/clean regimens with varying numbers of shots between cleanings,  ad nauseum,  there was a quote from a major gun manufacturer's tech who said that almost all contemporary new guns are so well made with such good metallurgy that 'breaking in'  is unnecessary.  However,  he said,  the groundswell of opinion and belief is so strong that his company developed a 'recommended' break-in regimen that is sufficiently rigorous to keep the majority of buyers happy.  Not needed,  beyond commonsense keeping the guns clean and in good operating condition,  but just to keep the guys that are convinced of the need for 'breaking in' of new barrels satisfied.

My brand new DPMS AR308 got about ten rounds through it,  wiped clean with solvent,  forgot the intent to wipe every ten rounds,  fired about 35 more rounds with several factory and handload bullets and bullet weights,  remembered to clean it again when I got home.  During this shooting I was also firing several other rifles in rotation and none of them ever got really hot.

This AR rifle still has a bad habit of making holes in the target that are usually one or two inches higher with factory ammo than my (conservative) handloads,  all on centerline (within an inch or maybe two) depending on whether I am using a sandbag rest for the rifle or holding it up with my arm on the sandbags.  Scope settings are a factor,  and a scope that is coming apart inside does not help (I have had two of those,  factory replaced them).

I am not a bit happy with the performance of any of my guns.  There is only supposed to be one little hole in the exact center of the target,  regardless of how many shots and how many rifles.  I do not know yet if it is the guns or the ammo!! 

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I did the shoot, clean with ProShot Copper Solvent, polish with JB, shoot clean with ProShot Copper Solvent, polish with JB, shoot.....and on and on for the next 7 hours.... This has been my way for most of my rifles and has worked well for me.

Use a good bore guide and rod you will minimize damaging your barrel or impacting accuracy. This is usually one of the few things most of us can agree upon. Past that its all over the place, to break-in or not to break-in, to clean or not to clean, to oil or not to oil, and on and on....... :o

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When I bought my first AR umpteen years ago I called Bushmaster about  barrel break in...The very nice young lady in tech told me not to touch the bore for 300-500 rounds...no oil. no cleaning....that was for chrome lined barrel....clean the bolt, wipe off carrier if it starts to look grungy.lightly oil it and keep shooting..told her I didn't like like the idea but would do it..she assured me would  it be ok. They didn't guarantee accuracy but expect to shoot under 1 moa and if I wasn't happy with performance to send it back to them and they'd make it right..shot over half a case of wolf through it without a hiccup before cleaning...it's still one of my best shooting rifles...

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