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pre ban lower


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Use a pre-ban lower for your build, and any of the ban rules that went into effect as of the date of the ban will not pertain to the rifle you intend to build with it.  I don't think mag-limit rules apply to that, even with a pre-ban, but I may be wrong on that (for Mass). 

I found out more about building the elusive AR pistol, in your state - about the ONLY way you'll ever be able to pull that off with be:

With a Pre-Ban Lower that has never been built into a "rifle" before.

ATF rules combine with some of the state laws on that one - ATF says you can't build a pistol out of a lower that has ever been built into a rifle before - has to be a virgin lower in order to build a pistol.  In your state, with those state laws, you can't build a pistol, currently.  Pre-Ban would get you around that.  However, you can't build a pistol that's been a rifle before, so...

You'd be stuck looking for a stripped Pre-Ban lower that had never been built into anything before, and is still stripped - finding something like that is like looking for a needle in a haystack - it's out there, somewhere, but how the hell do you find it, and what's it gonna cost?...

Sorry, brother, for the bad news, but that's what I found out.

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Good looking out, I know the mags have to be pre also in Massachusetts. I actually found a stripped pre lower, but I have two issues. First and foremost I don't know how to find out if it's ever been built, and second, it's on arf.com right now and I can't get an account because it won't let you use a yahoo or gmail account. To be honest I need to get some info I can reference that comes from state literature or the batf.

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To be honest I need to get some info I can reference that comes from state literature or the batf.

That's the problem I had, trying to find out info on this.  I couldn't wade through the verbiage in the Mass state laws on this, and had to resort to the info of others out there, in Mass.  Based on what everybody said, that's what I came up with (above).  That should be pretty solid information, from what I deciphered amongst the trustworthy responses. 

I'd think for the stripped Pre-Ban lower, it would be a long process - they only way you could be safe is to write a letter to the Firearms Technology Branch (at BATFE) and ask them, by serial, if that lower had ever been registered as a rifle before...  If they have no record of it ever being registered as a rifle, then it's still a stripped Pre-Ban lower.  I'd also inquire to the Mass authorities if they've ever registered that lower, and what they registered it as.  Those are the answers you need, in order to build.

My post isn't "legal" in any way - it's just common sense based on what I've learned about those screwy state laws you have.  <dontknow> <thumbsup>

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