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PSA - That was a beotch


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PSA - Don’t wait to clean your can

Took my griffin armament revolution 45 can apart for its first cleaning since I got it couple years ago. I couldn’t get the main tube apart that allows it to be run in a short config and the baffle portion of the neilson device wouldn’t come loose. Probably only had 100 - 120 rounds through it. Got the internals out and sonic cleaned everything. Both ends and innerds came out easily. Soaked in Kroil for a week - no go. Got blisters on both hands used some non slip grip tape like used on hockey stick - no go. Ended up using lots of heat to get them apart. Was worried about damaging the body but was very careful so as not to chew it up. The heat worked - seemed like it took a LOT of heat. When it came apart looked like thread locker was in the threads. For the life of me I don’t recollect using loc tite but then alcohol may have been involved when I put it together.

i will be taking it apart more often for cleaning in the future and will keep eye on pieces parts coming loose since I know there is no loc tite in there. Learned a valuable lesson and got a few extra gray hairs worrying about screwing up my can. Whew!

Any one using loctite or rock set for this type of thing?

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Mine clogs up pretty bad. I don’t have an ultrasonic cleaner so I hit it with liquid wrench or a penetrating oil and gently tap on a dowel inserted slightly larger then 45 cal until the modular pieces pop out. Works and so far no degradation in suppression.

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19 minutes ago, Radioactive said:

Any one using loctite or rock set for this type of thing?

Never used a thing on the threads of my TiRant 45 and they come loose fairly easy. Had a good fight getting the baffle stack out, like you I was real worried I woulds mess it up. I have tried different oils and dry, the only thing that helps is more frequent cleaning, 300 was too many.

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