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Hornady 185 grain XTP 45 ACP loads

Cliff R

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I've been wanting to work up a "high performance" load for my 45 XDS 4.0.  I touched some on it in the 380 ACP thread below. 

Picked up some Hornady 185 grain XTP hollow points and backed them with 7.5 grains of CFE pistol powder.  This should be good for close to 1100fps in a 4" barrel.  It took some work but I was finally able to stop one without using something hard behind the target that might deform it.  Started out with two gallons jugs of water, then three,  and still couldn't stop one.

It took 4 jugs and a 2 x 8 behind them.  Distance to the target apprx 15'.  The bullet barely put a visible mark on the 2 x 8 so I'm certain all the expansion was done passing thru the jugs of water.

Expansion was excellent, didn't weigh the bullet but appears mostly intact and the jacket is peeled back nicely.  Should make a good back-up weapon for Elk hunting (lots of bears where we hunt).  I'm sure it will also make a nice self defense load, but for sure there would be a significant risk of collateral damage as easily as it passed thru 4 gallon jugs of water.

The Hornady 185 grain load is on the right, left is a factory Remington 230 grain HP......





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That's some good reloading work, man - well done.  :thumbup:   Here's my comment from the .380 thread:

Yep, that'll do it.  That's all about mass in motion, right there, and that thing peeled open quite well.  I wouldn't want to be that bear...  
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Thanks, pretty happy with the outcome.

Recoil is pretty hefty but on par with factory loads using the heavier 230 grain bullets.

I also took the time yesterday to fire 60 rounds thru my M & P 9mm and another 40 rounds thru the little AR I put together couple of months ago......


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Thanks, nice way to spend a little time on a nice Sunday afternoon.....testing some hand loads and emptying a few high capacity magazines. 

The S & W M & P and the new addition to my AR collection were flawless.  I like to spend some time with any weapon I've added to the collection to  make sure it functions like it should.

Cool story but worth the read.  About 5 years ago we rented a log cabin in Southern Ohio on 45 acres near Old Mans Cave.  7 couples went, and all of us took at least one handgun along for some planned target practice. 

One of my friends brought along his Glock 9mm, not sure what model but he had purchased it new about 3 years before the outing.  He loaded it up and put it in the dresser drawer for home defense, but had never fired it.  It would NOT run, fired once they jammed every single time.  We messed around with it some but could make no improvements.  Nothing obviously wrong with it, just refused to work with live ammo, one round and DONE.

He ended up sending it back and Glock repaired it so it runs fine now.  Just a good lesson in weapons and why you should spend a little time with your new pistol BEFORE you count on it to protect you and your family.......

Edited by Cliff R
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