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Iron Ridge IRA-10D LPK Install isues


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Hello all!  Having some significant difficulties with my lower build.  Picked up a DPMS LPK from Brownell's and I am having significant difficulties fitting parts in.  The receiver extension tube won't thread in, even with moly grease. The bolt catch fits so tightly that it won't tilt, the takedown pins, well lets not even go there!  Anyone else have so much trouble?

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I have no personal experience with the IRA receivers, but, if it were me, and I didn't want to sell it to someone with the caveat that they were on their own if they ran into problems, I'd start by getting some emery cloth of different grits, and hand fit the pins and bolt catch. I'm assuming you don't have a matched upper/lower set, because that should include the pivot and takedown  pins. Look at it this way, If you polish the pins and bolt catch to fit. You should be able to get them to fit perfectly, with no slop but no drag either. I routinely use the oversize Armalite pins and polish them to fit when I'm assembling an AR-15 using an upper and lower from different Mfg, That way I can get a perfect, no slop fit between the upper and lower without having to resort to using one of this rubber wedges.

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Actually, Oliver at IRA went above and beyond.  He fit the LPK to the lower, discovered that my extension tube was out of spec, and he refinished my upper and lower for an optimal match!  I am so happy and have finished my build.  Here piggies!!!

That, highlighted in red, was what I caught right away.  I had to read your post two or three times to get everything, because that statement kept distracting me. 

That is something that they have had a problem with for a long time.  Since introduction, really.

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And those standard parts needed modified for what reason?  Why didn't the parts fit into the lower that you already bought?

That's kinda the question here - and the warning to others.  Maybe they've fixed what they were doing wrong, but they were definitely doing something wrong for quite awhile.  That's the whole point.  If it's fixed, it's fixed - and new production from them should be okay.  However, there are uppers and lowers out there that dealers may have been sitting on for a hell of a long time now - those might not work so well for consumers.

Not bashing them - I hope they got it all together now.  The buyer needs to beware, though.

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