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My new old HK 91 date code IC (1982) I think.


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As mentioned above, a fine looking gun. Maybe you can answer a question, I saw that one of the other members complained about His G3 beating up the cases to such an extent that they're not reloadable. I have the same issue with my 7.62 Galil. If it wasn't so hard on the brass I might shoot it more. Can you tell me how your HK is on the brass?

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I just got the rifle.  Also, it is more of a collector piece.  For shooting and etc. I pretty much will go to my DPMS LR TAC 20 or my DSA FAL Tactical. (full length gas system, 16inch barrel.  I have always wanted an HK 91 and not the clones, or the builds.  This one is in great shape even though the date code shows 1982. 

Lastly, from what I have read some people have claimed 12 reloads from military brass.  Also, according to the NRA book of auto-loading military rifles - the article on the HK 91 recommends certain loads that allow for the easier extraction of the cases from the fluted chamber. 

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I agree with you.  Save the 91 for the collection, shoot the clone.  Clones they still make, 91s that we can get, they do not.

91s are not made to be reloaded for.  They are work horses, shoot,  and get that darned fired case out as quickly as possible and as far away as possible.  That it does.  And who said 91s are not reliable?  That is total BS.  They run in conditions that would make an AK blush.  If you do want to reload for the 91, a port buffer is mandatory because they do beat up the brass pretty badly, but it looks like you already have one on yours; nice rifle by the way.  You can ignore the fluting lines on the case. They still show after sizing but do not affect anything.

As to aluminum mags, I run only aluminum mags in my clone PTR-91 and they work just fine.  Nothing wrong with steel mags either except they rust easily, but aluminum mags last pretty well.  I have some that were well worn when I got them and are over 20 years old and they are still going strong.

The only down side of the 91 is they are heavy and for the round they shoot, their recoil is pretty stiff, much more than on a 7.62 x 51 AR-10 for instance.  And if you have the telescoping A3 stock, it can be punishing.  If sticking with the A2 stock, getting a G3 heavy buffer can really tame down the recoil over the stock 91 buffer.



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