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Cerakote vs Anodized vs Other


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I've got my first question to deliver to the experts. I'm planning my first 308 AR (yes I know it's a bad time for it) and I have read differing opinions on cerakote and anodized. Which best protects the rifle in a hunting situation? Is anodized sufficient or is cerakote worth the extra $20-$30? Is it better to buy it already coated or to have it coated by another party? Lastly, are there other coatings I should be considering? Note: This is not in context of diy. I don't want to get into coating my own receivers.

Thanks guys!

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Personal preference mostly, both are pretty dam tough. About the only place I see much wear on finishes these days is the shell deflector and I don't see enough difference to concern myself with durability between finishes. The conditions you will use the rifle in might be the best deciding factor with color giving Cerakote a big edge there. I live in four season country so I like a good base color, earthy colors, that I can spray over to add the season correct look if wanted.

If you go Cerakote make sure the applicator knows what they are doing. As far as factory coated parts depends on how important matching color is. It's tough to buy a rail that matches a receiver set exactly unless it's the same maker, even texture can vary. In my case I can have my LGS put the color I want on for less money than I would have to pay to buy the parts coated, if you can find what you want already coated.  I've paid from $70 for a basic one color job to $200 for a full camo job with most the small parts and magazine included. Can't say I have any regrets spending the money.

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1 hour ago, Joshua said:

I have to add that I've never understood the bright colors that get put on some of these rifles. Looks awesome, but incredibly impractical.

Depends on the purpose, one of my Grandsons did an extra black black with a purpleish rainbow gun candy clear coat, changes color at angles, flashes of color, very glitzy range toy. He and his buddies just love it, like the monster stacks they put on their diesel pickups it makes no sense to me but I'm thrilled to see enthusiasm for the the platform, plus sanity is only a can of Krylon away. :thumbup:

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12 hours ago, jtallen83 said:

 I've paid from $70 for a basic one color job to $200 for a full camo job with most the small parts and magazine included.

Damn, I need to start charging for this shiit.    I just did this one last weekend.   This is Sexual Chocolate, on Sunday, before going after it again on Monday.

Image preview

This went down Monday night after work...



I'm with Jim - Type III hard annodize is tough stuff.  So is Cerakote.  So is black nitride.  All finishes will wear, including Kimber's "KimPro" finish, which I think is KG GunKote.  All will wear over time.  I know my old annodized M4A1 was all worn by the time I gave it up. 


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