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Two Stage Trigger Analysis

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Hello guys, I have successfully swapped my mil-spec trigger for the Famous Larue mbt-2.  All seems good.  I wanna Pre-Thank those who recommended it to me... you know who you are, and I think One Eyed Doc was First maybe..  Couple of Dry fires and I can tell it’s going to make a world of difference.  I’ve got some Warne scope rings now, but need an extended Charge handle Lever which is coming. Quite a pain in the butt to charge it as is.  I have not laser bore sighted the scope yet, that is next.

My inspection of the 2stage trigger after install made me dig into how they work, and I wonder if you all know the answer to the upcoming question.  First:  The Hammer has a hanging protrusion with two sears on it.  The disconnecter has two hooks on it, which make contact with the hammer sears.  The first one, after a shot is fired, but while the trigger is yet held, “disconnects” the hammer from repeated motion.  Then after the trigger is released, the hammer rotates abit forward and is “connected” by the “First stage” sear.  Then, after a moderate first stage trigger pull, the hammer is pushed of the first Stage sear by the rear disconnector hook.  This resulting friction of full release from the First stage sear and the spring force of the disconnector spring and the trigger spring make up the “2 stage” of the Trigger.

Am I close on understanding it?  I watched a U tube and basically am repeating that.

DO YOU ALL AGREE, with the Video, that the SEAR at the bottom of the hammer which is used with Single stage triggers is NOT even used with the workings of the 2 stage trigger?  

I noticed with my Larue install, that the lower sear didn’t seem to be catching and was worried that I had a a faulty trigg or bad alignment of my FC pins.  

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Once again, you are over-thinking this.  That video you posted is nothing like the LaRue trigger you received - and if you look at your LaRue MBT-2S, you will clearly see that.

Stop with all the hypothetical horseshiit, man. 

Contact "ModernPawnAndGuns.com" and talk to them about the video that they posted.  It didn't come from anyone here, and we don't know why they put that out.  Your questions are for them, not us.  Rip it up.  Make sure you let us know what they say - and what you ask them. 

17 minutes ago, DustBuster said:

DO YOU ALL AGREE, with the Video, that the SEAR at the bottom of the hammer which is used with Single stage triggers is NOT even used with the workings of the 2 stage trigger?  

Not every 2-stage trigger is made the same, they're not all identical, and though you can apply (very) basic workings to them, they are all different.  DO YOU ALL AGREE....  Nope.

Stop overthinking shiit.  Again.

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Okay, in a simple statement, I was wondering if that very bottom sear, at the bottom of the hammer, is used at all for the  Larue mbt-2s.  I don’t know if you know.  The video guy seemed to know, so I guess that will have to be enuff to satisfy my curiosity.  It seems to work fine.  It would seem strange to fabricated it even though it’s  possibly unused. 

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Thanks for reply 98z5v, even though I s didn’t get the answer I was fishing for.  “Nope”.... There is insight into what you said though...One can’t assume one thing from a generic video if it isn’t the exact product one is investigating. I will see how she shoots in about a week.

Edited by DustBuster
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10 minutes ago, DustBuster said:

Okay, in a simple statement, I was wondering if that very bottom sear, at the bottom of the hammer, is used at all for the  Larue mbt-2s.  I don’t know if you know. 

I have 7 of these LaRue triggers.  I know. 

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1 minute ago, DustBuster said:

Ohh, and by the way... the later part of the video shows the 2 stage Guiselle which seems to function much like this Larue.  You may not have watched it fully.

I did watch it fully.  I have 5 or 6 Geissele triggers, too.  Just so you know. 

EDIT- YOU tend to "assume" alot, and doubt what others know.  Based on what YOU do not know.  Don't act like this is new information for the depth of knowledge that is on this board, amongst the people here, and you're breaking some new ground, with great info that's never been seen before.  Don't do that, when you're given information here.  Don't doubt the people here that give you info, and then "assume" that they might not not what they're talking about, or that "they didn't watch your pawn shop information video..."

That assumption on your part will be your downfall.

Edited by 98Z5V
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7 minutes ago, DustBuster said:

Ok..roger.  Have you ever put a lighter disconnecter spring in there to lighten a second stage pull?  I don’t intend to modify mine, but I suppose it could be possible way in the future...

On a Geissele 2-Stage National Match Trigger, I have.  Not on a LaRue.  There's no need to fuk with the LaRue MBT-2S, at all.  You won't find a lighter disconnector spring for that trigger, anyway.  If you want to dabble, and fuk around with adjustable 2-stage triggers - that's another world away from where you're at now.  Buy a Geissele 2-stage National Match trigger, and play with settings, springs, and adjustments to your heart's content.  I have a personal favorite setup on the Geissele 2-stage National Match that combines one spring from their DMR trigger - and it fuckin' ROCKS.  I set that up for @Matt.Cross's trigger in his 6.5 Grendel Mk12 gun.

You are over-thinking this shiit, for what you're trying to get into...   again... 

Edited by 98Z5V
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There's alot you could learn about trigger tech, if you can find the information.  It's all in here:


Spoon-feeding you - is all up to you.  We won't do it.  When you get hungry enough, you'll figure it all out, and find some food. Or starve. 

For the questions you ask - you need to find some basic (and advanced) knowledge, all on your own.  For what you're doing - you don't even know what you're asking about in the first place.  Just guessing, and regurgitating something "you heard" from somewhere on the interwebz.  Nobody here is HERE to freely hand that information to you.  Go work for it.  Learn on your own, for what you seek.

For whatever reason - you think you'll ask, and be handed a lapful of information.  Nah, no way - not for the crazy shiit that you're asking about.

You're asking things that took many of us years to figure out, the hard way.  You want that info?  Go get it - the hard way.  Build guns, fire rounds, tune triggers, spend the TIME... - throw away scopes that don't work...  Put the work in.  There is no free ride - at least for the kinds of things that you're asking about.  Go Work For It.  Learn on your own, spend your money, put rounds downrange, and figure these things out the hard way.  Like many of us have, already.  I don't think you've even shot much, in your life, but that's just based on what you've said here, in your posts - my observation - but you fancy yourself being/becoming a Sniper, or something of the likes...  just on what you can read... 

Bottom line, that takes money, ammo, guns, and a whole lot of time behind the trigger, in a bunch of different environments...  It takes dedication, over time, and it takes alot of money to commit to this game...

We don't owe you the time, money, and pain of learning this, that we had to learn, and get good at.  I'm not being a dickhead, or protecting information - you just want to get involved at a high level, with zero experience, and think it's all gonna be handed to you, at your request - and that "will make you good at it."  What you're looking for doesn't come easy.  So go sweat it out.  Figure it out.

Love to see a report when you're done.  :thumbup:

Edited by 98Z5V
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Thank you Wise Master.  I am like GrassHopper, and need a Face slapping every now and then.   

I don’t demand info from here,  but it may seem like it.  Your wealth of knowledge could never be bought from the likes of me.  

I definetely won’t be screwing with my trigger; I’m still learning it and probably will never get to a level of needing to.

It does take work to learn stuff at this site, that’s for sure.  Guess I don’t have the hang of it yet.  I’ve tried the Quotes technique and it doesn’t seem to work so great.   I will keep learning here and elsewhere as need arises, thanks a ton....

Sometimes I will post stupid rookie questions like a mouse tickling the cheese, and then hope the trap doesn’t slam down too hard and break my neck.  This time I think you let me wiggle out.  I will try again when there is bigger cheese, or if I have some to share 

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