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Bad safety detent hole..


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I have a 80% lower I have had for awhile, I built it out awhile back but had problems with the safety selector being loose. Best I can tell, the shelf isint deep enough, so the detent doesn't go in far enough to engage the safety selector. Does anyone know an easy fix for this? I originally thought maybe the detent was bad but tried a new one and same problem... I don't really have any tools to try and drill it out myself. I thought about maybe trying one of those kp 15 detent pins, but don't know if that would work...

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The KP safety detent and spring are designed to be installed from the top in their monolithic lowers, however I do not know the specs for hole diameter and depth. I doubt it would work "out of the box". The standard safety detent and spring hole is stepped, 0.125" through and 0.156" to the step. The KP detent is obviously designed for a uniform hole. Without the proper tools, I'm not sure how you could alter or repair your 80% lower problem. Other than yourself, the only person who can legally fix a 80% lower is a FFL 07, and even if you could find one willing, it will be expensive. You may be forced to invest in some tools. These are just my opinions.

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I have a DPMS LR-308 low serial number rifle.  The safety locks nice and solid in the safe setting but there is some movement in the fire setting.  Is that normal?  It does take a little pressure to take it out of the fire setting.  It just has some play in the fire setting that is not there in the safe setting.  By the way I lost the original safety detent while I was trying to figure out what was going on.  Local gun shop has safety springs and detents in stock,  It was $2.64 for one each with tax.  I will be going back and getting some spares next week.  They do not have a safety for a large frame rifle in stock.  Should I worry about it or just let it go?  🥴🥴🥴


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