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  1. I believe these are the dimensions you're asking for:
  2. The G2 Recon port cover rod should have a groove towards the center of the rod, The groove is offset from center and the rod is directional. The C-clip installs next to the spring in the cut-out area of the cover. The G2 covers had some issues. If correctly installed, and the rod can still move far enough to disengage, a ferrule spacer can be installed over the rod between the C-clip and the port cover opening.
  3. My current list: GAS TUBE LENGTHS AR15/DPMS LR308 Olympic Arms Pistol 6-3/16" Pistol 6-5/8" - 6-3/4" Carbine 9-3/4" - 9-7/8" Mid-Length 11-3/4" - 11-7/8" Knight Armament SR-15 Mod 1 Mid-Length 13" Wilson Combat Match Grade Intermediate 13-1/4" Intermediate 13-3/4" Rifle 15-1/8" - 15-1/4" Rifle+2 17-1/8" (Adjust as required for +1, +3 etc.) Armalite AR10 Super SASS Carbine 11" Mid-Length Carbine 12-1/16" Rifle 15-1/2"
  4. Freedom Group (Remington, DPMS/Panther, et al.) went bankrupt in March 2018, and all assets were sold off in Sept 2020. JJE Capitol, the parent company of Palmetto State Armory, purchased the rights to the DPMS/Panther brand, no physical property was listed as included. Before the sale, some of the existing DPMS stock was liquidated through a couple of vendors, the largest being CDNN, and most or all of the GII proprietary parts have since sold out. Some have stated that a significant amount of parts were loaded into bins and sold as scrap. GII proprietary parts are now considered rare. PSA has no plans at this time to revive or support the GII. Patent infringement pretty much excludes third party production of proprietary GII parts. The GII is a great rifle, Mine has been trouble-free, however, I now treat it much more carefully than most my other rifles. There are still options for parts, none cheap. The spring itself is common, The dust cover/rod/clip is proprietary. I don't believe that the dust cover assembly linked above is GII compatible. Here's a compatibility chart that might be helpful: .
  5. The KP safety detent and spring are designed to be installed from the top in their monolithic lowers, however I do not know the specs for hole diameter and depth. I doubt it would work "out of the box". The standard safety detent and spring hole is stepped, 0.125" through and 0.156" to the step. The KP detent is obviously designed for a uniform hole. Without the proper tools, I'm not sure how you could alter or repair your 80% lower problem. Other than yourself, the only person who can legally fix a 80% lower is a FFL 07, and even if you could find one willing, it will be expensive. You may be forced to invest in some tools. These are just my opinions.
  6. Make sure that the firing pin tip diameter matches your bolts firing pin aperture. For the DPMS (Gen 1), there are 4 different bolt apertures that I know of (0.062", 0.065", 0.070" and 0.080"). Undersized firing pin tips can cause cratered or pierced primers. Oversized will obviously not fit. I prefer the aperture to pin dimensional difference to be 0.001" or less, but 0.002" - 0.003" seems to be common. Probably wouldn't hurt to also check pin protrusion.
  7. For .308, Sharps Rifle Company. Low production runs, but out of the three manufactures I use, it's the preferred choice. SRC XPB DLC For 6.5 Creedmoor, JP Rifles Full Mass BCG., high pressure option. JPBC-5 Like many quality firearm parts, finding one in stock will be difficult.
  8. This .358WCF is my favorite short range large frame.
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