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XTREME XAN S500 NV digital scope , Day Night

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i purchased this last fall , i have it mounted and sighted in on a Rem 700 chambered in .243 for a coyote and fox problem , i can get the the scope to work great in daylight , digital zoom works awsome , all other features great

now when dusk hits i can see my dog plain as day out to 200 yds , really have to look hard to see her with naked eye , think great , thats working awsome , go back out pitch black no illumination at all , from all the reviews no one has needed to upgrade the IR flash to achieve great illumination pitch black out to 300 yds 

sent a couple emails and no response , it wasnt overly expensive but not cheap either , between $600-$700

anyone with any experience with this animal?

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7 hours ago, micmacman said:

anyone with any experience with this animal?

No experience with that one, but where I'm going soon is to the Sionyx Aurora setup. 


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i sorta chose the bottom $$$ for what actually works ,if i was going to spend $1,000 - $1,500 i would have just made the leap to Thermal , i figured with all the happy reviews this would give me a decent working entry level option , fix my predator  problem and not drain the wallet ,im sure its me and not the scope , im getting to that frustrated phase with it and i just lost another 12 chickens 

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i didnt see where it says anything about zoom on your camera ,it gets tricky with zoom , because you need a IR illuminator that is strong enough to reach out , thats why i made sure the reviews said the onboard IR illuminator is good to go out to 300 yards figuring thats the outreach distance i will need , and if i need more i could upgrade with a extra illuminator later

also you may want to research batteries , your product has replaceable batteries , these NV products drain batteries , you can be setting yourself up for a very frequent  reoccurring expense , another reason i bought the one i did , rechargeable batteries , one of the biggest review complaints i read on other products was battery consumption , and the fact it was draining faster then the claims in the description

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I know the mount & IR light that came with mine was adjustable. It could pivot within the mount if the mount screws were loosened. Aim to desired location,  then snug back up.  

I also bought a different adjustable mount for the Nitecore 940nm  IR I purchased. Works very well. 

Wicked Lights Quick Detach Adjustable Light Mount with Windage and Elevation adjustnments https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B6RMYKZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apan_glt_fabc_050CSNNJXB2M4D695MRF?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1


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