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Length difference


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Could some explain. I have two different .308 rounds. 1st is Freedom Munitions 147 gr. and the other is Norma 150 gr. When standing next to each other you can plainly see the Norma round with a heavier bullet is much shorter than Freedom Munition round. The cases measure the same, so why is the Norma bullet set so much deeper?

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To get a true reading of a bullet length the common way is to measure from the bullet's ogive. So were are the bullet ogive in relation to the base?

 You'll also notice the powder grains are different one is fine/ball like vs extruded


Everything in front of the ogive doesn't touch the rifling while everything below( until the boat tail begins) does touch the rifling( bearing surface. When comparing bullet shapes there are a number of variables . For example the Winchester has a BC= 0.398 and the Norma has a BC= 0.41

 At the end of the day if you don't reload, shoot both and see which one your gun like best.

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