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New Member From Kansas City


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Hello everyone,

Just saying hello, and introducing myself to the group.  My name is Matt and I am from the Kansas City area. 

I have had several Ar-15's and just recently finished a 6.8spcII build.  My friend was wanting to sell his DPMS LR308 that has had some customizing done on it, so I traded out my 6.8spcII for his weapon.

The pictures below shows the before and after shots of my weapon.  I removed the silver paint and returned it to a matte black.

I have came to realize that the Ar-10 platform is very similar to the Ar-15 platform, but yet it is very different in some regards.


This weapon has the 24'' heavy barrel, and is just to heavy for lugging around in the field.  What barrel length would you guys cut it down to.  I am swaying towards 18'', but some have said that 16'' will shoot just as good as a 18-24'' barrel minus 200-300fps. 

I want to either flute or re-contour this barrel.  Preferably I would flute it before and after the gas block, but would this affect accuracy?

This weapon has the side charging system on it, is this good or bad?  If I can charge it from the side, why is there or why should there be a traditional charging handle on it?

Lastly, Does a standard lopro Ar-15 gas block work on the 308 platform?



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Welcome Matt, my name is Matt as well. I have the 24" bull barrel and while I can't imagine wanting to cut it at all, if I were going to I wouldn't cut it short of 18". The reasoning is that the larger percentage of reviews and opinions I have seen for 18-20" barrels were almost entirely positive, while 16" barrels had a trend towards a few disappointed customers. Fluting looks awesome, but I think it would affect weight more than accuracy, and only slightly at that. In your shoes I would look into purchasing an 18" barrel and suitable gas block before throwing a well-designed long barrel into a lathe. Just my 2 cents worth....  ;)

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Welcome aboard, Matt!  For teh gas block question/answer:  Yes, AR-15 gas block will work (all the same stuff, really), but you just have to get the right sized diameter block to put on your barrel.  Depends on what the barrel manufacturer sized the gas hole portion of the barrel at.

The common sizes are 0.625", 0.750", and 0.936".  Another that comes up once in awhile, but not common is 0.875".

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Change of plans guys.....

I just placed the order for a 18'' Wilson Combat/WOA custom contourred barrel, linear muzzle brake, Enidine piston buffer, JP Complete Trigger system, JP VTAC Free Float handguard and possibly a Magpul PRS Butt Stock.

Still havent made my mind if I want the heavy PRS butt stock or if I want to go light weight with a Ace or VLTOR

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Welcome aboard!

I spend a lot of time in KC, usually in Overland Park, or Mission.  We almost always use hotels on the plaza though.


Its a good town here....Do you come on business or pleasure?  Within the next 6 months, I will be moving to Chicago.  I am hoping there are some good ranges up there, but we will see

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