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LaRue gets into 6 ARC... For V-Day Sale.


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This is a tremendous sale, and Larue is into the 6 ARC NOW!!!   :thumbup:

This sale runs to the end, and the end is Feb 14th.  Get it quick.  Overall, these prices are very cheap.

Full gun, $1999:




Just the upper, in black, 799 - THIS IS A STEAL, for what you're getting!..  Unreal!




Stripped lowers are now $244, instead of the old $200 they used to be - but you can grab that upper for $799 ($810.95 shipped to me), nail that lower for another $244, add some other parts to finish out the lower, couple hundred.  Bottom line, you're into a full LaRue 6 ARC for $1043 for the real hardware.  Add your lower parts that you like.  This is an unbeatable deal.  For real.  You'll beat their full-gun price to build this lower out yourself, and make your gun the way you want. 

I'm in. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

If you jumped on this deal, then your upper went into the build queue, as the order was received.  They build them, as orders come in. 

However, if you jumped on this when I announced it, Thursday, Feb 9th, then you were early on your order, and should be at the front of the build queue.  LaRue estimates a 2~6 week ship time, based on when your order went in, and when they can get to it in the build process - and Mark LaRue can shoot it - to ship it with your accuracy-test targets. These are fired upper receivers, by Mark himself.

Now, if you ordered it on the Feb 9th date that I posted this, it probably would have shipped last Thursday (one week after ordering), and you'd probably be receiving it this coming Tuesday, via UPS (the only way they ship things).  I'm not guaranteed on that, but I'm just guessing, that's how it would have went.  I have pretty reliable sources. 

If you ordered it later, and didn't see this until later - then obviously, you'll be later in the build queue, and you'll be further into that 2~6 week build-wait, that I was talking about before.  If you went early - kudos to you for jumping on it.  :thumbup:

Lesson 65B.  You snooze, you lose. 

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Witnessed this myself today.  These uppers will go 900 yards on target, with 8.2 mils of dial, running the Hornady 108 ELD-M projectiles (handloads, not the factory Hornady Match ammunition).  I can't imagine the factory ammo would be far off that. 

Pretty impressive for a 16" barrel.  Well, downright shocking.  :thumbup:

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