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Done Deal - Little Woman's B-Day present


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Well, I hope she likes this thing when she opens it up.  It's a crapshoot.

Spike's lower, AP upper, Armalite 16" midlength gas barrel, Troy Extreme 13" rail, Magpul foliage furniture, Surefire M951 light, Bushnell Trophy red dot in an Aimpoint QRP mount, Kinght's vertical grip, Magpul BAD and ASAP - and a single point sling not in the pics; 6 more mags not in the pics.

7 lbs, 7.8 oz just like this, empty mag in it:


No weight with the light and red dot, but this is what she'll open up.  I'm sticking a pair of ear rings inside the pistol grip, just in case she's pissed at opening this up...  :o


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man thats an awesome gift. Whats your initial impressions of the troy? I almost bought that but chose the Larue instead.

Good luck and keep us posted on her reaction.

SO far, I like it alot - the slim profile is really cool; it's one narrow tube.  That may be it's downfall, though, and the shooting will tell.  If it heats up too much, it's gone.  I'll replace that sucker with the MI SS-12 in green.  ;D


Thank ya, man!  I hope she likes the thing.  Supposed to go kayaking on Saturday for her B-Day - so if you guys see me online Saturday afternoon...  she's kayaking by herself, because she hates me, and hated the "present..."  <munch> :D

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or maybe  <hump>

Drew wins.  ;D

Unbeknownst to me, kayaking was shifted to tomorrow, and friends are coming over later today.  I'm only on here because she's out at the (flower) nursery picking up cute little colorful things to plant in the yard...  ::)

I stashed it in a new (cheap) gun case because I didn't feel like trying to wrap the thing up, and I snuck it into the kitchen this morning.  I didn't say anything about it, but she noticed that I had a gun case upstairs, so she asked if I was going to the range on her birthday - I said, "I don't know - maybe.  Depends on whether you want to shoot or not..."  She was confused.  I told her that wasn't my gun case.  She was even more confused, so I just told her to open the gun case up, because it wasn't mine.  She started to get it, then...

I'm tellin' you, she spent about an hour doing manipulation drills with it - she'd never seen (or operated) a BAD lever before, and she likes that after using it.  I think actually having her own AR kinda turned her on, because it was on after that!  Good day, good day...  ;D

EDIT - she DID open the cap on the grip, and saw the ear rings, but she was already fired up before finding those...  <dontknow> <thumbsup>

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  • 2 weeks later...

Final rendition, after she swiped my foliage AFG for my new one.  I'll grab another, or just run the RVG on it.  Here's how it ended up:


We still haven't had it to the range yet.  Waiting to pick up some Final Finish ammo first...

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She's itching to get out and shoot it.  She's got the stock in the position she likes, the AFG is set, and the light is right where she needs/wants it.  She's not keeping that light, though - no way.  That's going on mine when it's finished.  <thumbsup>

That's what I keep telling myself, anyway...  <lmao>

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