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Backpack Size Starlink Mini Coming This Year, Says Elon Musk

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THAT is a badass piece of technology!   :hail:

***coming from a guy that was running backpack SATCOM since 1995, militarily...***

For civilian use, this really is revolutionary.  I'm not kidding.

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We started using Starlink at the lake cabin in Va. this past year.  No other internet options there.  Most cell phones have no coverage at all.  You can get a half decent signal with Verizon. Only real issue we had was finding enough clear sky.  Lots of mature oaks around the cabin.  For those not familiar with Starlink, the reception dish moves a fair amount to track the multiple satellites that make up the network.  It's not like a Dish or Direct TV dish that just points at a single or multiple fixed geosynchronous satellite. Ended up using a longer than standard cable (150') and still had to take down 3 fairly large trees.  Once I did that, it works well 95%  of the time.  There still is an occasional dropping of signal.  Not sure if it's still some limbs from other trees are occasionally blocking the signal or if there is a gap in the satellite chain.  Frankly, it's a Godsend for me.  Allows me to spend more time up there because I can check in and get some work done.  My clients are now not entirely abandoned when I'm up there, which makes for happier clients.  Only other gripe I have is that you cannot bury the cable.  Seems like an outfit that can set this amazing system up in outer space should be able to come up with a cable that does not have to lay on top of the ground.

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