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Battle Arms Development Ambi Selector Switch

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Picked up an interesting accessory for the 5.56 gun I'm building right now - The Battle Arms Development Ambi Selector Switch - yes, they did give it the acronym "BAD-ASS"...

This is produced and marketed as a selector switch for both the AR-15 and AR-10 platforms, and I think it'll do well on both.  Here are the specs on the device:

•Precision Machined from 12L14 Solid Bar Stock & Round Stock Steel

•Heat Treated to Rockwell Hardness of 48-52

•Manganese Phosphate Finish in Matte Black & Oil Treated

•Aggressive Diagonal Grooves on Levers for Positive Grip

•Single Parallel Fluting on Face of Lever Provides Additional Grip & also Saves Weight

•(2) Indicator "V-Grooves" at Tip of Pivot & at Face of Lever - can be filled with high visibility paint for easy identification

•100% Made in USA

•Patent Pending

It comes with three interchangeable levers, wide long, wide short, thin long, and you can configure it any way you want. I've got this one setup with the wide long on the left side and wide short on the right side.  Once I finally complete this gun, I'll give more feedback on the performance of the levers.  Never before have I thought about a selector lever as a "performance item," but I sure do now.  This is very, very well made, both in materials, CNC cutting, and looks.


Anyone interested can check them out here:


Price might seem a little steep, but for what you're getting, and what you can do with it, it's not too bad.  <thumbsup>

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Pic of the bare machined levers, not quite finished.  They started from that piece of bar stock.


Completed levers, unfinished:

[img width=810 height=792]http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i314/Duffypoo/untitled5.jpg

Animation of the combinations:


Exploded view of all the parts:

[img width=810 height=385]http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i314/Duffypoo/exploded.jpg

Assembly animation:


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Update:  Having shot this, I'm impressed.  The quality of the parts, the machining, the fitment and finish - all first class.  Battle Arms Development has been shipping these for awhile now, and they've got more lever options made now, with even more in the works.  Some vendors will even sell the package a little cheaper, considering that you only get two levers in that package (you still get to pick which two). 

As far as operation, the center section is very nicely machined.  Recently (after I got mine) Battle Arms started including a precision-ground KNS stainless steel safety detent in the deal.  As it is already for the older version, it is incredibly smooth in operation.  It's gotta be even better now with the KNS safety detent.  The way the center section is made gives the levers a little bit of "standoff" from the receiver surface, which will definitely eliminate any possibilities of the lever dragging against the receiver at all - I've seen this happen on some of my builds, with cheap, run-of-the-mill selectors.  Mild clearancing always helps, if it's a problem.  Not gonna happen with the BAD-ASS setup. 

This is just a really, really well made piece of hardware - not something you'd usually put much thought into, until you try one of these beauties.  Buy with confidence.  <thumbsup>

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Hi guys, thank you for your kind words.

Since late May's introduction, we've made a few modifications and introduced two more levers and an end cap.  We're always listening to our customers and trying to find ways to make good kit better.

In PIP1 (product improvement program), we made the selector flat's diameter smaller to accommodate triggers that don't adhere to factory specs, and started to include a high quality KNS stainless steel detent.  The KNS detent is available to customers that bought our selectors between late May and early August (after which we started to include it) at no cost.  We also introduced two additional modular levers at the time.

In PIP2, we made the selector center's flat wider to allow the use of Geissele DMR trigger even if the user's receiver may be slightly out of spec.  We introduced an end cap as well, which allows the selector to become a rapidly reversible (left lever only, or right lever only) and convertible (fully ambidextrous as designed, or single lever) selector.

Next year, we will have FDE, OD and gun metal gray in Cerakote, which has better salt spray resistance, and will be even smoother than it already is.

Also available are the 45 degree short throw, and M16 (CASS-3P, M16) selectors.

98Z5V, please email me roger@battlearmsdevelopment and I will send you a KNS stainless steel detent :)

Thank you guys!

By the way, here's the latest review on Military Times  8)


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I'm glad you guys signed up, and are here - a very warm welcome to you.  <thumbsup>  On another note, I need to order more, so you'll be hearing from me.  I knew when I put the first one in, that I was gonna go broke outfitting the other ARs...  <laughs>

Thanks for joining. 

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We did not have a booth at the SHOT show this year, but our selectors have been spotted in a few places: Remington, Mega Arms, LWRC, and TNVC :)

We're developing a few more selectors: short throw M16 (0-45-45), IAR (safe-auto-semi), and CASS-3P (dovetailed lever attachment interface) in semi auto configuration.

Coming soon are Cerakoted selectors.  Ernie Bray at Red Creek Tactical is coating them for us.  We're having the levers coated, and the selector centers, and the screws too :D

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