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Building an SPR my way - Got Some Questions for Those of You in the Know

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I am gonna build an SPR.  I already have a build up DPMS LR-308 lower with Magpul CTR.  I have 5 Magpul 20 rd Mags and A DPMS SASS 18" barrel.  I have questions.

I need a low profile gas block - thinking about the one made by Troy Industries.  The other option was to buy an JP adjustable gas block.

I need a handguard - thinking about a Viking Tactics Freefloat with bipod mount (i don't need the other rails)

I want to add a DPMS Panther Grip and a Magpul ACS Stock: Thoughts?

I will eventually add a JP trigger.

I need a flash hider and was thinking about a Troy Claymore or Noveske KX3 but am open to suggestions.  I want something I can remove to attach a suppressor down the road.

Thanks and I'm glad to join this community.

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For the muzzle device, the KX3 won't help you at all on an 18" barrel.  That thing is designed more to help out the short barreled rifles in a close proximity situation by directing muzzle blast forward - away from the people directly beside you.  It also increases backpressure to help the shorter barreled gas systems operate smoothly.  That won't be any good on an 18" barrel build. 

Have you considered a threaded muzzle brake, one that's already set up for suppressor use?  Ones that come to mind are the AAC Blackout (threaded version, I think, is called the Brakeout), a Surefire brake for suppressors, and a YHM threaded flash suppressor.  It's best to determine what suppressor you'll want, and match the muzzle device to the suppressor.  Not all of the muzzle devices are compatible with all the suppressors out there.

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I'm ordering a YHM suppressor adapter for my current build(260 Rem) and my 308.  I'll work on getting the can later; but I've heard good things about YHM, that's why I went with them.  I really don't think you'd go wrong with Surefire, either.  YHM is a little more reasonable, though.  Let us know which one you go with! <thumbsup>  I love quiet rifles. 

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The standard grip seems small even to my small hands.  Take a look at Brownell's 100-004-712/3/4/5/6/7 by Command Arms Accessories (CAA).  This is a universal grip for all AR Pattern rifles and fit my LR-308 perfectly,  very tight secure fit,  no problem with those springs except convincing the second one to go back into the hole in the lower receiver straight.

This grip has three inserts for the front and three more for the back so that the grip can be made to fit your hand as comfortably as possible.  Three colors,  with or without a cleaning kit that fits inside the grip. 

I took the rifle to my gunshop for a RRA trigger (I am not a purist;  the trigger was less expensive than most,  have not made it to the range yet but very little movement and then it stops:  a trace of additional pressure and it breaks like that glass rod;  2 minute professional installation at a cost I could not refuse.)  During the trigger job the gunsmith was surprised and delighted that it was the first AR grip he had handled that had (with the front grip I had inserted) "a place for every finger."  The feel in my hands with the front and rear inserts of my choice is much better than the OEM original.  The long story is here in other posts;  this was purchased as a complete useable DPMS rifle.

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Ergo grips fit on Armalite lowers, not sure about DPMS. The Tactical grip is fatter than the standard and feels quite like the CAA. I like the soft grippy feel of the Ergo grips.

Ops Inc is suppressor friendly, I have 2 of the 12th models now and am happy with the performance on my 5.56, the 7.62 is still in the build stage. I would also consider AAC and Surefire. I also found a place called Jet Suppressors, they look similar to Ops inc.. He is affiliated with SWS, which are really nice handguard/rails(Noveske).

We can't even mention suppressors here in Ca. . That's how evil they are .... excuse me somebody is knocking at the door, I'll be right back.

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