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Armalite Newbie


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Just obtained an Armalite AR-10 this week after drooling over them for years. Was going to save up for a Les Baer, but this deal came along and couldn't resist. (Plus, my dad already bought the Les Baer I wanted, so can borrow it whenever). Was a little hesitant about the accuracy since it's not a target model, but those fears have been lain to rest after my first range session! First 3-shot group was right at 1" with two overlapping holes and a called flyer an inch away. That was shooting prone, uphill about 10 degrees, at 170 yards with a 3.5x ACOG. Not too shabby for a guy who admits to not being a very good bench rest shooter. I guess all the dry-fire practice working on my "fundamentals" over the past year has helped a little... Shot several groups at that range, and all were under 3". Now I'm excited to see what I could do from a bench with something like Federal Gold Medal Match ammo. I was shooting American Eagle 150gr ball ammo, which is not the weight this gun was designed for (or so I've heard). I'd prefer a 175gr bthp, but the gun came with 340 rounds of the 150s.

Is the trigger on this gun compatible with all aftermarket AR triggers or do i have to stick with Armalite's? This one has a tactical trigger and I'd much prefer a target one. Someday I'll get a nice target scope too, but I can live with the ACOG for now. Planning to use it mostly for long range stuff...

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Thanks! I'm glad I found one too. I had finally given up and started to build an AR-15 instead. I guess now I'll have to have both... ;)

When you factor in the cost of all the upgrades and extras that came with this gun, (magpul PRS, quad rail, case, spare mags, tons of ammo, ACOG, and more), the gun itself only cost me $674! Plus, I still have the original buttstock, grip, and handguard i could sell...

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Is the trigger on this gun compatible with all aftermarket AR triggers or do i have to stick with Armalite's?

The trigger is AR-15 based (some 308 triggers use different springs, but most don't).  You should be able to run any trigger that's out there.

Welcome aboard, man. 

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