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Flex-Hone 800 grit Chamber Hone on LR308 Oracle Upper Complete!

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Well, I finally got around to using my new Flex-Hone and Flex-Hone Oil on my DPMS's chamber and the dreaded ring shaped machining marks are GONE.

I used the 18v Dewalt on the slowest speed (450rpm) and lubed the Flex-Hone really well and slowly pumped it in and out of the chamber for 10-15 seconds. The case shoulder area still looks sharp and there is no visible dimension change or uneven spots but the ringed machine marks I could feel with the corner of my fingernail are gone.

Apparently you don't have to run this tool for very long to get the desired result which probably means if you were too enthusiastic you might screw up your chamber instead of improving it.

I was kind of hoping the finish would be a little more "mirror like" but this essentially looks like the chamber of any other production rifle where they don't try to run OLD REAMERS like DPMS seems too.

Hopefully the weather will stay nice and I can give everyone a range report of how my brass looks now that the chamber won't be quite so sticky later this week.

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polished up all my rifle/pistol chambers including my LR308B -  here are a few links to my ps90. 930spx & 1894C (dremel with flitz works extremely well).




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When I polished mine, this one was built from a blackthorne kit, actually for the price I was pretty happy with it it had a rough chamber and the extractor needed a little fitting, anyway it was extracting very hard and upon examination it had spiral chatter marks from the reamer. I thought about the flexhone but didn't want to wait so I removed the barrel and polished the chamber with 600 then 1000 grit paper on a 5/16" dowel with a slot cut in the end, it only took a few minutes and at the end just slowed the machine down and fed it in and out faster to make cross hatching like in a cylinder but still smooth. Now it extracts properly and doesn't damage the brass. As a precaution I cut the slot in the dowel a little deeper than I cut the width of the paper so the paper would not contact the shoulder of the chamber and I could feel the shoulder with the soft wood dowel. It worked very well at little cost.

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I used an oversized bore mop and the bore polishing compounds from Beartooth Bullets. I chucked a section of cleaning in am electric drill and ran it on low speed for a few seconds then cleaned it out and looked it over. After three times with the coarse grit the marks were gone. I changed to the fine grit on a clean mop and spun it for about 5 seconds and called it quits. The chamber doesn't quite have a mirror polish, but then, i didn't want it too anyway. Now it feeds & extracts everything I've put thru it.

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