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Ballistics Gel


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I am down for it this spring . I want to shoot a 180gr XTP of of the 10mm , a 115gr Ballistic tip from the 6.8spc and a 165gr Gameking from the 308 and 300wsm. Can you get Vyse products or will we have to use Knox Geletin. Did this back in the 80's with a 22lr and a 270win it was really cool !

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I teach a ballistic injury class for a National Registry Paramedic course. The final Coup De Gras is to go out and shoot some gelatin with different rounds. I have gotten hi-tech and placed a couple pig hearts and femurs from the local butcher in it for the "oooh ahhhh" factor.  I have been using a food grade beef gelatin and it works well. If you mix the gelatin thicker than the directions, it sets up more like the DOJ gelatin standard. But if you just want to see penetration and bullet expansion...it works great. Its a PITA, and you have to stir like mad, and if you introduce too much gelatin at once, it clumps. Otherwise...other than your house stinking...its easy. :) 

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As a range instructor, I do the firearms/ballistics portion of a forensic science class at the local college. No gelatin here... we line up pig caresses and shoot them with a variety of weapons. Most of the firearms we use (9mm, 40, 45, 223, even a 5.7x28) are completely unimpressive. Being in a career where I see lots of bullet holes, I'm just not shocked by the small bleeding puncture/hole.... Now, a 12g 1oz slug on the other hand... That is fukcing impressive! Flesh literally explodes. The next, almost as impressive was a S&W 500 mag launching a 425gr proj. Wow!!!! (Remember that a 1 oz slug is approximately 437gr)

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And it aint good enough just to bring a heart....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That would be MUCH better than just gel....except the cleanup. 


I can appreciate the larger caliber vs smaller caliber. I always start with smaller handgun, and work my way up to the long rifles. One .308 blast and its all over for the gel...but a fine example of kinetic energy.  Really sends home the lesson of mass and speed when you increase the mass of the bullet and speed up x3. 

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