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High Noon Capitol Rally


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Well, how'd it go? Any pictures, stories, or newly issued warrants?

Story:  We were caravanning up on a small state highway, right last two numbers, wrong first one.  So we finally got to see Mike at Dane Armory about 5 minutes to Noon.  I figured "Well, better late than never."  Until I toured Lance's very cool machine shop!  We got distracted by guns and parts.  Until we did our transaction for the beautiful lower receivers.  Then we got distracted some more.  When we decided to haul ass, Tom called his buddy at the rally and they had just cleared it out.

From what we were told, it was good.


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Yeah, we had good intentions of being there at high noon.  We thought we'd swing by on the way there and pick up the lowers...  :cookoo:

First, we were linking up with Mikedaddy...  that's ALWAYS a damn hoot.  Second, Lance @ Dane Armory is just cool as hell.  Third, Lance has ALOT of cool poop!  Fourth, between Jon, Mike, me and Lance, we ALL had some funnyass stories, which led to other stories, that ended up in other stories.  It was a damn riot.  <laughs> <lmao>

I missed 2 calls from another buddy that was at the rally, so when we did finally break contact, I called him up - I told him we'd be there in about 20 minutes, and he told me it lasted to 2pm (and it was 2:05pm...). 

So, Jon and I just went to Cabela's instead...    ;D <thumbsup>

I met back up with Mike this morning - he somehow called all kinds of shops all over Phoenix yesterday, and managed to find me a rifle (A1) receiver extension, and a rifle buffer for another 5.56 rifle build.  I met up this morning, picked them up, and we laughed our asses off some more...  <lmao>

Mike, when you see Lance, please apologize for Jon and I.  We apologize that we ate up so much of his workday yesterday, and didn't make any money. We stole ALL his time...  ;D

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