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It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, but I've never seen any poop like this before...  :o

This actually happend last September, on Labor Day weekend.  Took off and hit a small sand rec area near here, just to get away.  Met up with two good friends, just to get out and ride.  Near the small drag hill, the bottom ground is filled with alot of scrub brush, like little islands of stuff in the sandy bottom.

We kept getting a little further back from the hill, to get a bigger run, to get a bigger jump off the starting hill - and get it up the hill.  I circled around this one that was further back the before, and I thought I saw this two-colored stick...  MOVE.  It was enought to catch my eye.  I turned around to get a better look, and this poop just blew my mind when I realized what it was. 

The pic below is a rattlesnake, being eaten by a red racer.  I wished I could have seen the fight, because I wouldn't have imagined this turning out the way it did.  This is a badass red racer, right here.  <thumbsup>


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That rattler wasn't dead yet - he's still trying to coil up, hence, the curves in the body...

This was the wildest "wild" thing I've sat there and watched.  That red racer was NOT happy that we were there, either, and he progressively backed his ass up into the scrub.  But, he didn't let go of dinner, either.  Drug it with him.

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I was on a snake hunt with two brothers one ,time neither would get out of the truck to get the snake so I had to do the chopping well I also had to ride in the back of the truck with the younger  bro .. if you dont know most reptiles  have nerves that last at least 30 min.. so I took a headless rattler and made everyone jump out of a moving truck.. stupid snake was dead but almost killed us all!

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