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Blue plastic german military surplus training ammo


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The way I understand it, they are equivalent to about a 10gr to 30gr bullet (lighter than a .22lr). They fly at about 4,500fps. I think they were designed for a 25-50 yrd range (indoors?) due to the extremely lightweight projectile. The Germans used these for training only as the cost is over 10:1 vs standard ammo. I hear they are very clean to shoot.





Here is more info on it.


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damn, its not that cheap anywhere that still stocks it, but $189 for 1000 shipped is still pretty damn good. even if I do have to cycle the slide manually. I figure that would let me be pretty unconcerned with range ammo costs. That's one of the things that bothered me some after starting down the road of building the 308, a fun day at the range could cost me $200 in ammo for that alone

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It looks like the Krauts have a special gas/bolt system for their HK's to fire this properly. A lighter spring and bolt assembly are used.


I'd be interested in trying this out. Get a light spring, make a super light buffer... The expensive part would be the carrier. Maybe a JP LMOS would help?? I hate the idea of "swiss cheesing" a perfectly good carrier.


It could work? Especially on those carbine gas systems...

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I know my DPMS was over gassed before I put an adjustable gas block on it, darn ripped off the case heads wounder if opening the gas block up all the way would be enough or in combination with a lighter recoil spring. I mean since it was over gassed originally it might be just enoughdontknow.gif   

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Check out the thread from about a year ago , its on the second page of this section. It discusses this topic.

Yes ... I have it.

Yes ... I shot it.

No ... It will not cycle in an AR.

I have a empty shell but dont have the ability to take a photo and post with my new phone yet.(Waiting for the Short Bus to pick me up so I can figure out this phone.)

Rob ... I will give you a box of 50 to shoot the next time you come to see us !


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