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New rifle break-in? What is the correct way?


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Hi Trap welcome aboard ! on breaking in a new rifle...that is opening a big ol can o worms!<br />there are a zillion opinons on this subject. As for me..I clean the barrel when im building it...just to make sure it really is clean. when I take a new rifle out to the range I usually shoot 20 to 40 rounds.I can tell when its time to clean when I see the grouping get larger<br />Then I take it home and do a nice cleaning Wash

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Depends on the barrel . A match barrel should be hand lapped to clean up imperfections left behind by making the lands & groves , so it should not need any thing but shooting . Sure others will come up with there own book on how to break in a barrel or rifle , but I just shoot & clean mine . Now if ya have a std. or chrome lined Barrel , some use the break in bullets or ammo & you can follow the shoot one round & clean method.

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