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hunting time is here


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well who is ready to bagum and tagum ? got my rifle ready and its on the spot ,my marlin 308 express is topped with a pine ridge 3x9x40 scope,with a mil dot retical for the hornady 308 express ballistics.will be hunting a WMA area not to far from home.supposed to have a nice deer herd there .so with some luck and strait shooting i will fill the freezer. who else hunts their local wildlife management areas ?

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for us up north the main hunting season, moose, has already come and gone. i only got to go out for a weekend and covered about 140 miles offroad and chased a couple but went out with an unpreparred hunting partner who ruined my one shot with his impatience.

just for reference here is the general coordinates of where we camped:

62.40N, 147.45W

just a little ways out there, lots of great scenery and wilderness. always love the feeling of knowing the nearest people are 60-70 miles away!

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yeah i have to say i miss deer hunting, the only deer out here to hunt you have to fly to and if i am going to pay for a flight i am going to adak for caribou.

maybe if i get a moose one of you would be willing to trade some moose meat and halibut and salmon for some venison?

diversity is good in my opinion <laughs>

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have not been able to hunt moose yet but,its on my list.of coarse there are no moose it louisiana.was on a deer lease here for a while but that got old ,they shot anything and everything that came out of the woods.not very good management.shot a few hogs.got to due some elk hunting in pagosasprings ,colorado.plan to go back when i can.hopefully the wma i hunt this year will be productive.good-luck on your hunting fellas.

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Its amazing ,that it will take me a month getting ready for a week long hunt .

I just loaded up some 44mag. for practice & got the DSG (designated slug gun )ready to test fire , just to make sure it is printing the same . Just love the trigger job by Bill springfield , so it should be spot on .

I have made a different loading (added one grain more of 2400 ) for the Anaconda & will see how she does.

In my # 1 stand ,I can shoot up to 200yrds, so the slug gun will be with me the first day & the anaconda the rest of the week .

Can't wait , just not thrilled about the 13 hr. drive.

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  • 1 month later...

It was a brutal week ,but shot a nine point bruiser at 1300 hrs , Thursday from 158 paces in a tree stand .

I walked it off when I got down so at least I could believe it . Not bad for a 12ga. slug gun .

If it wasn't for the sprinkling of snow I would have not seen him. Had to put the Nikon on nine power & he drooped like a rock. YUM YUM


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