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AR-10B Super SASS Barrel Question

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  I called Armalite and was told to go buy a pair and measure it myself..................Yeah so much for the friendly customer service I have heard about. If anyone would mind checking for me I would appreciate it. 



That seems very, very odd coming from Armalite.  Very.


YHM's website only shows two diameters for 5/8x24 threading, .920" and .720", but you can have it stainless or black.  Four possibilities, when you include color.  This would be easy to determine for your barrel, with a tape measure - it's either close to 3/4", or it's bigger than that.  With that, you can order the smaller, or larger, YHM thread protector.

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First off, Armalite has nothing but a stellar reputation here. If you feel you were snubbed in any way, perhaps it's because the guy who answered the phone was perplexed at how you produced your question. It's best to recognize the venue for your rant, even as mild as it was, before you spew it.

AR barrels most commonly come in four diameters, measured at the gas block. They are .625, .750, .875 and .936

You don't need a micrometer for that. You need 8th grade math and a ruler.

.625 = 5/8"

.750 = 3/4"

.875 = 7/8"

.936 = Damn near 1" (actually 117/125, but who cares?)

Since it's a .308, you can rule out the first measurement (since the threads would be the same size as the gas block). The other three are both very easy to measure and pretty damned obvious... Especially since they are all practically 1/8" increments.

Since you mentioned you specifically wanted the YHM thread protector, it gets even easier from there. YHM only sells two sizes that are threaded 5/8"x24. They are .720 and .920.

You mentioned that you had the Armalite AR-10 Super SASS. To the best of my knowledge that has a .875 adjustable gas block. I've looked at a lot of Super SASS barrels and I see that there is a small step down and then very little, to zero, taper to the muzzle. I'd guess it doesn't drop anywhere near to the .750-.720 range. That being said, it is still much smaller than the .920 alternative.

At the risk of sounding like a dick myself, I think it's pretty selfish for you to put down a company, that isn't present to defend itself, especially on a public forum. I can't believe Google/Bing/Yahoo/Jeeves turned up nothing for you, but I'll bet you found "Two Girls One Cup" without having to break a sweat.


Damnit Tom, you got it out while I was typing!

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 No I am by far a low life trouble maker that pops in stirs up the pot and leaves.  This has gone way out of line and way off of topic. I am truly regretful that it went this way and that you also feel you have to speak in such a way . If the mods are not able to edit this post then let me know and I shall do so to make peace.I did not join this forum to start trouble. I do not feel that by stating what happened with making a simple phone call and posting it here would start such an issue. I will agree to disagree. Thank you for letting me know your thoughts and feelings . Not once have I cursed at or spoke to you or the other gentleman in a negative way. 

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I am locking this thread, it has gone to shit. 


O.P.- In the future, please try to refrain from bad mouthing a manufacturer supporting this site, they have a good reputation here, and who knows who answered the phone that day. Also, if you do not get your answer, you may post another thread, but I request it stays on course. I will monitor it personally.


Others: this one got away, fast. Keep it in pm's, keep off the boards, and maybe things can be cleared up easier one on one.



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