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Brownells AR-15/M16 & AR-Type .308 Catalog #6 (Free)

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The new Brownells AR-15/M16 & AR-Type .308 Catalog #6 is jam-packed with more than 3,000 products exclusively for AR-style rifles. Whether you're building a modern sporting rifle from the ground up, adding new sights, dropping in a new trigger, or installing a new buttstock, you'll find all the parts you need in the AR-15 #6 catalog.

"Pete and I, along with the entire Brownells Team, think AR-15 owners are really going to enjoy the #6 catalog," said Company CEO Frank Brownell. "AR catalog #5 featured the largest number of new AR products we'd ever offered, but we beat our own record this time. In #6, you'll find more than 350 new products for the AR platform, plus all the old stand-by items you gotta have in order to build, customize, and service your rifle."

As in the main Brownells catalog, the 100-page #6 catalog includes page numbers for the products used on the custom-built guns referenced below the photos, so you can find them quickly and easily.

"If you don't see exactly what you're looking for on one of the custom guns, please visit AR15Builder.com, where you can build a graphic model of your dream AR with the parts you want," company President Pete Brownell said. "you can see what your rifle will look like before ever placing the order."

Many products have a picture of a video camera next to them, indicating there's an online instructional video available. Additionally, "Made in USA" flags designate which products are produced domestically, and first-time products are stamped with a red "New" graphic.

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I got mine and it has alot of gear in there!  But, you will be disapointed about not having very many .308 AR items >:(  But, I have figured out a solution to this!!!  I was told to call the guy in Marketing, forgot his name, but he is the only one, and ask him if he was planning on adding anymore items relating to the .308 AR.  I gave him a call and he said he was working on it and would like to have anyone that could give him some insight on what he should be putting in the catalog to CALL HIM!!!!!  So, give Brownells a call and ask for the guy in MARKETING and let him know what we want.  I gave him my insight, but I am sure you guys have alot more input that I have. Have a good one!!! 

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I had many problems with brownells this week while ordering reloading stuff and parts for my 308AR build. Once I finally talked to a gun tech we figured out what the issue was. I appears that IT or web design didn't know very much about, well anything gun related and had a ton of inventory classified as .223/.308. When in fact it was just .223. He apologized a ton and told me that they would get a nasty-graham. The problem was fixed a couple hrs later for some of the inventory, but not all.

FYI this has been the only issue I have ever had with brownells. They are a fantastic company and customer service is 2nd to none!

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