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To The Floor And...


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My '77 5/4 ton Dodge had a Carter 2-barrel on the 318.  Once it got anywhere north of 80* here it could vapor lock at any time.


So it VL'ed on me one day, in rush hour, on a two-lane street that has a center turn lane.  Stalled out not quite a block from the light, so I was able to coast into the center turn lane and stop.  Cars going my way were backed up to well past where the truck was sitting.


After waiting a few minutes I tried cranking it, it still didn't want to start but it was a new battery and I thought "Just keep cranking!"


After a couple of minutes I could feel it catch, which meant "Keep it floored brother!"  Looking in the side-view mirror, there was a Ford Escort wagon, driver's window down and ON the car's bumper in front of him.


Big fat 3" diameter solid black jet of smoke right in his window with a big "CHU-CHU-CHUG-BBRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!!!!"  <lmao>  Like I was going to let it die after that.  <dontknow>



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