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Just a reminder Serious fire Issue...


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I am a Captain on a Fire Dept. here and two nights ago we had a 5 person fatality fire all the people a 4 person family and a friend staying over perished without having a chance to get out when we arrived it was a surround and drown the home was totally engulfed with fire coming out every window , which left no chance for any rescue.... please keep your fire alarms up to date test them once a month make sure you have a plan to exit the home in case of fire and please practice that plan........ The newer RFI type alarms are great because you can set them up if one goes off all will go off alerting everyone in the home..... take care and practice this like you practice shooting it may very well save your life and your loved ones.... peace

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Our alarms are tied in series in goes they all go.Saw a report on alarms where ionized typed don't trigger from a smoldering fire till room was almost completely filled with smoke.Photo type triggered sooner.Had BRK type and found photo type with same plug so I swapped them out just had to change ring as dia. was larger.Before that had a false trigger a couple of times,alarms were 10yrs. old.Warrenty on alarms is 10 yrs.They are more money,6 pack of ionized were $50 something.Same 6 pack of photo was $104.00 at Lowes.FYI

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