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3D printed gun?!


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Why is this real and why did it get 70k downloads from another asshat anarchist trying to convolute the gun debate all he wants is attention! Your thoughts? I don't see the point or an industry for plastic it's freaking everywhere hell my state has a ban on plastic bags.

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Im thinking more towards the production of plastic parts ie.. mags /stalks /anything plastic componet or rerlated makes this dangereours for an industry and headed in that direction or the ban of such part due to one who asks for attention. For all who can do this with out making a statement makes them more noted in our" comunity of 308ar" in the other lite there asking for war and I totally disagree.. msn if I knew how to link ?

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I have mixed emotions. In one hand I like to have the ability, although I'll likely NEVER take advantage of it. No matter how often it crosses my mind.

On the other hand I worry about what one jackass will do to ruin everything even more.

6 months ago I told everyone that new laws will force change and evolution. It is nature and can not be stopped. If a tree raises its fruit, animals will get longer necks or the ability to climb. If you outlaw the guns that exist now, someone will create a new gun. If you outlaw the ammo, we will invent another form of projectile.

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